House panel recommends budget cut for FTC

The Federal Trade Commission would get $37 million less for the fiscal year starting in October if a key House panel gets its way.

Neill Averitt

AI, creative work and the possible challenges

Artificial intelligence is poised to disrupt established practices across the economy, and nowhere more than in the creative professions such as writing or illustrating, where human artists may be forced to compete against computer programs that have been trained on the artists’ own prior work.

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Antitrust scrutiny of streaming platforms intensifies

Streaming platforms like Disney+ and Netflix have transformed segments of the American economy over the past two decades from the arts and entertainment sector to the news media to sports...

Ferguson, Holyoak push for restraint in first speeches

The two newest Federal Trade Commission members used conservative think tanks for their first public appearances while urging the agency to show restraint in its enforcement and rulemaking.

Privacy Corner: Harris warns of potential AI pitfalls

When regulators and politicians need help understanding the threats artificial intelligence poses to democratic elections, they turn to researcher and former Facebook employee David Evan Harris.

Despite support for FTC’s Khan, Republicans could push for agency changes

Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina Khan has a small, but vocal, fan club among Republicans who like the agency’s efforts to go after Big Tech. But that wouldn’t be enough to prevent efforts to...

As NCAA finalizes settlement over student-athlete pay, questions remain

As the National Collegiate Athletics Association continues to resolve the patchwork of antitrust challenges to its rules for student-athletes, it remains unclear whether a settlement over the...

Wright’s defamation suit against former students he dated can proceed, judge says

A defamation lawsuit filed by former Federal Trade Commissioner Joshua Wright against two former students and colleagues who accused him of sexual misconduct can proceed, a Virginia state court...

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A tale of several lobbyists

When citizens become frustrated with the current state of politics they often say — or at least think — “a pox on both their houses.”