Presidential meddling in DOJ’s antitrust work has been problematic

If he wins the White House again, former President Donald Trump wants to exercise more control over the Department of Justice. Past presidents who have tried have run into trouble.

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Doubts on the ‘union grocery labor’ market in Kroger case

In its complaint against the Kroger-Albertsons merger, the Federal Trade Commission has included a novel count involving effects on the purchase of “union grocery labor.” Although imaginative, this may prove to be a bridge too far, misapplying antitrust tools in an effort to reach policy goals...

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Holyoak considers controversial House staffer for attorney advisor post

Melissa Holyoak, who commenced her term as a Republican Federal Trade Commissioner last week, has started filling out her team of advisors with three appointments, but there is another potential...

Himes brings wealth of antitrust expertise to FTC as new ALJ

The Federal Trade Commission has brought on Jay Himes as an administrative law judge to handle the recent surge in proceedings. According to peers, Himes is perfect for the job. His name is...

Cross-border fraudsters targeted in US, Canadian initiative

US and Canadian agencies have teamed up to combat cross-border fraud by bolstering public awareness.

Big grocery retailers face mounting legal, congressional scrutiny

The next steps following the Federal Trade Commission’s report on rising grocery prices will occur in the courtroom and possibly on Capitol Hill.

Apple can attack market definition, evidence in monopoly suit

Apple has several available lines of defense as it confronts US government charges of illegal monopolization of smartphones.

Examining the current state of bigness

The recent antitrust case against Apple relies partly on a long-standing premise, big is often bad. But the views of bigness in competition enforcement have ebbed and flowed.

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Taking on America’s grocery barons

Everyone needs to eat, so their wallets are vastly affected by the monopolistic practices in the food industry. A new book offers a series of liberal prescriptions to remedy these problems.