Judicial, political threats loom over FTC

The Federal Trade Commission might lose more rulemaking power and some employees might experience less job security as the agency faces emerging threats.

Neill Averitt

The president can fire the FTC chair at will – how’s that for control?

Constitutional defenses based on the separation of powers have become something of an antitrust fad, but they aren’t necessarily a winner.

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Exploring the cons of ‘antiracist antitrust’ policies

Commissioner Rebecca Kelly Slaughter tweeted about the Federal Trade Commission’s role and “how we can be antiracist” in 2020. Such policies could have unintended effects, says the outgoing...

As FTC updates eyeglass rule, industry focuses on fallout

The Federal Trade Commission is nearing the final stage of its latest update on selling eyeglasses.

Endorsement guides have influence, researchers claim

University of Washington researchers found the Federal Trade Commission’s guides on endorsements and testimonials have a real-world effect on content creators and consumer engagement.

FTC typifies trend of disappearing commissioners, Wharton professors say

The Federal Trade Commission is becoming a one-person band dominated by the chair, two Wharton School professors concluded.

Parents’ pressure on legislators helping to change US privacy landscape

Parents’ sharing of stories about how social media has affected their children is helping to shape both US privacy and content-moderation policy. It’s also influencing the cases regulators take on.

Ex-Uber security chief’s sentence certain to lead to changes in cybersecurity industry

Former Uber Technologies security chief Joseph Sullivan escaped a prison sentence, but a warning from the US judge who sentenced him to three years of probation and a $50,000 fine is reverberating...

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From Buzzfeed to Gawker, book revisits heydays of digital media

Navigating the difficulties of the media business requires an ability to pivot quickly and a knowledgeable tour guide. Ben Smith, a top-notch journalist and an accomplished entrepreneur, is such a person.


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