As songwriters battle Spotify, FTC gets pulled in

Streaming giant Spotify is picking the pockets of songwriters by leveraging a sham audiobook subscription bundle while squeezing fans through deceptive business practices that violate the Restore Online Shoppers’ Confidence Act, according to a...

Neill Averitt

What ‘populist’ antitrust policy might look like

There’s been a good bit of musing about populist antitrust enforcement, but no one really knows where it might come from, or what it would involve.

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Supreme Court restrictions on regulatory agencies will invite legal challenges

The Supreme Court has overturned 40 years of precedent that allowed federal agencies to reasonably interpret ambiguous laws, instead giving courts the power of interpretation that will limit...

Khan speaks on navigating work as an enforcer

Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina Khan attributes the development of her views on antitrust to her academic studies and her experiences talking to average citizens affected by changes in the...

FTC sees marked decline in refunds

The Federal Trade Commission obtained $324 million in refunds to consumers last year, down from $392 million in 2022, according to a report issued by the agency.

Ferguson explains intellectual origins of his philosophy

Federal Trade Commissioner Andrew Ferguson told a group of conservative lawyers that while he has always leaned right, he became less reflexively supportive of business when he moved from private...

Meta, FTC enter rarely traveled legal ground in battle over 2020 privacy settlement

The Federal Trade Commission is stepping into rarely traveled legal territory as it pushes forward its plan to reopen its 2020 privacy settlement with Meta Platforms, with the commission planning...

Storms are brewing along with scams

Weather forecasters are predicting between 17 and 25 named storms, making for an active hurricane season. In the face of these threats, the Federal Trade Commission is warning consumers that...

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A media pro prescribes solutions to misinformation

Truth is often the first casualty of political communication. But balancing the desire to root out misinformation while protecting the right to self-expression is a perennial challenge.