Trump trade crackdown could play role in antitrust merger probes

Companies seeking to survive regulatory scrutiny and close a deal in the Trump era may be forced to contend with the president’s approach to trade policy if his willingness to erect new barriers collides with their argument that foreign competition limits antitrust concerns.

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FTC needs stronger tools to protect consumers against data breaches, Senate told

A former staffer and current nominees to the Federal Trade Commission testified to US senators this month that the agency needs stronger enforcement tools to protect consumers against data breaches.

Trump budget requests slight cut for FTC, small bump for DOJ antitrust division

The phrase “doing more with less” is used a lot in Washington these days, and the Federal Trade Commission may have to put that into practice in light of the Trump...

Healthcare consolidation on average hasn’t benefited consumers, ex-FTC economist says

A former economist at the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Economics testified Feb. 14 at a congressional hearing that consolidation in the healthcare space is ongoing and action is...

A new era at the Federal Trade Commission

Goliath tech firms — think Google and Facebook — got a blunt message from the new team that likely will be taking charge of the Federal Trade Commission: step over the line and the...

Delrahim punches back on criticism he's 'not conservative enough'

Since the Justice Department sued to block AT&T’s purchase of Time Warner in November, Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust Makan Delrahim, the Trump appointee who authorized the lawsuit,...

Neil Averitt commentary: Let us now remember Michael Pertschuk’s famous speech

One of the problems with an iconic speech is that, over time, it becomes an abstract symbolic reference, and fewer and fewer people have actually read it. Such has been the case with former Federal...

A Comcast bid for Fox would be wager on outcome of AT&T-Time Warner case

Higher education practices caught in Trump’s crosshairs

Time to ditch the consumer welfare standard? Not so fast