Act against data-driven bias, advocacy groups tell FTC

A coalition of advocacy groups and lawmakers urged the Federal Trade Commission to hold companies accountable as online harms against people of color and women proliferate.

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What’s up with that West Virginia v. EPA opinion?

What was going on in the Supreme Court’s opinion in West Virginia v. EPA? Everyone has a sense the new “major questions doctrine” will create problems for the antitrust agencies. But what kinds of problems exactly?

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Lawsuit targets Ivy League’s lack of athletic scholarships on antitrust grounds

Students at Ivy League colleges and universities are better known for their brains than their brawn, but it's the athletic programs of these schools that are coming under antitrust scrutiny.

Emission reduction claims challenged as ‘greenwashing’

As companies make ad claims about sustainability and emission reductions, “greenwashing” is moving closer to the Federal Trade Commission’s enforcement agenda.

COPPA rule review goes dormant

The delayed Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act rule review by the Federal Trade Commission means updated guidance for ed tech remains in a holding pattern.

Latest FTC studies are part of broad research agenda

The Federal Trade Commission has added to its heavy workload by launching inquiries into social media platforms’ use of deceptive ads and credit reporting agencies’ treatment of small business...

FTC eyes problematic auto-renewals

Consumers frustrated with the difficulties surrounding opting out of automatic renewals could get relief from a proposed rule the Federal Trade Commission has sent out for public comments.

Health app settlements show enforcement path

The Federal Trade Commission is looking to rein in the use of personal health data — even if it isn’t covered by traditional US privacy laws — and the commission’s path is looking clearer after it...

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How businesses navigated the pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic tested the judgment, vision and political skills of government and corporate leaders. While it would’ve been fascinating to be in the rooms (or on the Zoom calls) where decisions were made, the next best thing is reading “Crash Landing: The Inside Story of How the World’s...