Khan, allies highlight historical roots of FTC’s antitrust agenda

Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina Khan said while the agency has been uncompromising in its antitrust enforcement, it’s keeping with the spirit of the law and following in the steps of past enforcers.

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ABA hallway chatter turns to Trump, AI, populist antitrust

The American Bar Association’s antitrust spring meeting offered a full buffet of papers and panels. Over its three days, there were 80 formal discussions, most of them with five listed speakers. But all this wasn’t enough to fully cover the topics.

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House panel passes bill to transfer FTC’s competition powers to DOJ

The Republican-controlled House Judiciary Committee voted 16-7 to advance a bill that would eliminate the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Competition and transfer the agency’s antitrust powers...

Winners of voice-cloning competition to split $35,000 prize

The Federal Trade Commission announced the winners of its voice-cloning competition. Three of the top submissions will split $35,000 in prize money.

Tech group says FTC policies harm entrepreneurs, venture capital

The Federal Trade Commission’s antitrust program came under fire as hundreds in the tech sector and policy wonks gathered in Washington, DC, for the Consumer Technology Association’s annual...

Privacy Corner: Unique name pushed IAPP’s DC director to pursue privacy policy

Any online reference to Cobun Zweifel-Keegan automatically leads people to the International Association of Privacy Professionals’ website. That’s where he’s listed as the managing director of the...

FTC continues crusade against bad data practices

Federal Trade Commission member Rebecca Kelly Slaughter and two agency lawyers emphasized their work against practices that improperly expose consumer data during appearances at a global privacy...

Holyoak considers controversial House staffer for attorney advisor post

Melissa Holyoak, who commenced her term as a Republican Federal Trade Commissioner, has started filling out her team of advisors with three appointments, but there is another potential hire that...

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Breyer’s balancing act

The conservatives who dominate the Supreme Court rely heavily on textualism and originalism to rationalize their jurisprudence. This approach has frustrated liberal justices who’ve had trouble articulating a concrete legal philosophy that non-lawyers can grasp.