Current Issue: 993

Push to shift burden in merger cases sparks lively debate

A recommendation in the House Judiciary Committee’s 452-page report on competition in digital markets — to shift the burden of proof to defendants in merger cases — is sparking debate.


Despite mounting pressure, FTC steers clear of policing political speech

When Federal Trade Commission Chairman Joe Simons told lawmakers the agency isn’t the appropriate entity to monitor certain content on the Internet, he was continuing a long tradition.


Merger activity expected to stay strong through end of 2020

The real economy is in shambles, a second wave of Covid-19 is spreading across the country and the fate of Donald Trump’s presidency hangs in the balance, but Wall Street roars ahead.


FTC gets mixed reaction over revamping ‘Made in USA’ rule

Farm groups and consumers are praising proposed changes that would let the Federal Trade Commission fine violators of its ‘Made in USA’ rule. But the changes got a chillier reception from others, such as the Consumer Technology Association.


Privacy Corner: Changes ahead for FTC, Chester predicts

It wasn’t long into an interview with veteran privacy advocate Jeff Chester that he said the Federal Trade Commission suffers from post traumatic stress disorder.


Antitrust trailblazer Bert Foer to receive honor

A story that’s made the rounds about Bert Foer, who created the American Antitrust Institute, occurred a number of years ago when his family gathered to be with him in the hospital.


Neil Averitt commentary: Zephyr Teachout offers possible guide to House antitrust report

The House antitrust subcommittee’s much-anticipated report on the tech industries is now out, but its long-term influence is still uncertain. There’s both more to it and less to it than meets the eye. But with perfect timing, a new book by activist professor Zephyr Teachout provides a guide to those ways in which the report may be broader than first appears.


Scam PACs prey on consumers’ political leanings

Fundraising schemes that exploit people’s political convictions have become an increasing concern for consumer protection authorities.


Broad language of Sherman Act has allowed courts to develop antitrust law, Barrett says

The Sherman Act gives the Supreme Court a lot of leeway to develop antitrust law, court nominee Amy Coney Barrett said during her Senate confirmation hearing.  


‘Do Not Track’ resurrected under California privacy law via experimental app

“Do Not Track” is being resurrected, thanks to the new California Consumer Privacy Act.



Three promoted to key competition bureau posts



Oct. 20 — Federal Trade Commission members Rebecca Slaughter and Christine Wilson are participating in a discussion at the Technology Policy Institute's virtual Aspen Forum on "Antitrust and the FTC in the Next Administration." For more information, go to: https://www.tpiaspenforum.tech/agenda.


FTC Briefs


Comment period begins for Otto Bock’s asset sale to Proteor


FTC approves final order concerning Arko-Empire deal


DOJ Briefs


Six more chicken executives indicted in price-fixing probe