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Election results could signal breakthrough on data security legislation

While the House and Senate will be controlled by different parties in January, the fact both sides have expressed willingness to work on privacy and data security means this area is ripe for a breakthrough.


Bipartisan votes on looming FTC cases may rest with Slaughter

It’s still early to get a read on how members of the Federal Trade Commission will approach high-profile matters, but the handful of dissents filed since May show that Chairman Joe Simons’ hope for bipartisan votes may rest with his ability to woo Democratic Commissioner Rebecca Slaughter.


Fighting mergers? Labor monopsony could be a potent weapon

The Federal Trade Commission is investigating potential harms from labor monopsony in a merger case, applying a theory that some economists and lawyers say could give antitrust agencies a powerful new tool to fight anticompetitive mergers.


FTC hearings feature animated talks, food for thought

All that’s missing are tweed jackets and pop quizzes.


Dish, HBO duke it out over who’s to blame for blackout

When, for the first time ever, HBO and Cinemax were blocked from Dish and Sling TV subscribers, Dish came out swinging, and HBO punched back.


Wyden pushes jail time, harsh fines for data breach cover-ups

Most executives whose companies experience a data breach are punished by getting grilled on Capitol Hill or losing their jobs. But one lawmaker has another idea: lock them up.


Neil Averitt commentary: Out with ‘consumer welfare,’ in with ‘protecting competition’

Surprise! The intense debate over the “consumer welfare” standard has just taken two unexpected turns. First, something very close to a consensus view seems to be emerging. And second, this view, even as expressed in a Republican-organized conference, will tend to support more active antitrust enforcement.  


D-Link, FTC headed to court in January over data security dispute

The Federal Trade Commission is on track to go to trial against D-Link Systems in January over allegedly misleading security claims the company made for its Internet-connected cameras and wireless routers, following a summary judgment ruling and a court hearing in San Francisco.


Once more with feeling: Beware the gift card scams

The Federal Trade Commission’s advice is simple: If someone tells you to pay with a gift card, don’t do it. Gift cards are for gifts only.


Qualcomm’s settlement incentive jumps in FTC case, but agency in no hurry

In less than two months, the Federal Trade Commission and Qualcomm are set for a showdown in a California federal courtroom where the telecom giant must defend its patent-licensing business from antitrust scrutiny.


AT&T-Time Warner appeal to be heard by judges with broad, diverse experience

The three judges on the DC Circuit panel that will sit for the government’s appeal of the AT&T-Time Warner merger have diverse bench experience, and one has recent antitrust experience with the Anthem-Cigna case.



Mehta joins Morrison & Foerster



Nov. 13-14 — The Federal Trade Commission is hosting a conference on “Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, and Predictive Analytics.” It will be held at Howard University Law School in Washington, DC. For more information, go to: https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/press-releases/2018/08/ftc-announces-opening-session-hearings-competition-consumer.


FTC Briefs


FTC seeks permanent shutdown of overseas real estate project


Civil service awards given to FTC officials


DOJ Briefs


Judge Ginsburg’s work praised