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Simons signals ‘interest’ in high-tech platforms, other priorities

Of all the things that Federal Trade Commission Chairman Joe Simons said during a June roundtable with reporters, one message should make executives of certain high-tech firms sit up and take notice: the agency is “interested” in their business.


Lawmakers moving toward approving FTC budget

What’s $2 million among congressional appropriators?


Mr. Chopra goes to Brussels

Rohit Chopra isn’t a lawyer, but a business school graduate. You can tell by the way he peppers his remarks with discussion of capital markets, securitization of loans, company liquidity and returns on capital.  


The price of hubris: Consumers to feel brunt of Delrahim’s call on AT&T deal

Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim is paid to make the single most important decision the Department of Justice’s antitrust division faces: to sue or to settle. Just weeks into the job, the former deputy assistant to President Donald Trump tried to create new case law in vertical mergers by challenging AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner — and lost.


Simons brings new style to FTC chairman office

During the hour or so that reporters recently blitzed new Federal Trade Commission Chairman Joe Simons with questions covering a range of antitrust and consumer protection issues, it was hard not to sense a sea change at the agency.


Nonprofits gearing up for more antitrust scrutiny

While much of the Trump administration’s antitrust efforts have focused on for-profit entities, nonprofit institutions and organizations are also preparing for more aggressive enforcement.


Neil Averitt commentary: AT&T, National Enquirer and some head-scratching

It’s time for a break. The long-awaited opinion on the AT&T-Time Warner merger is now out, and it’s heavy going. The judge may be ultimately correct in finding no competitive harm, but there were quite a few conceptual bumps along the way. So let us take brief note of those and then move on to a much more entertaining media topic — the National Enquirer’s latest acquisitions.


DOJ casts net over Bumble Bee CEO

Antitrust prosecutors are trying to reel in Christopher Lischewski for his alleged role in conspiring to fix prices of canned tuna sold in the US. But the former Bumble Bee Seafoods CEO says he should be thrown back. He’s not their guy.


Market collusion by bots? Experts say it’s not so far-fetched

Imagine the headline: FBI says algorithms, acting alone, rigged bids.


Parker makes surprising move to Gibson Dunn & Crutcher

It’s not often that a lawyer stays with one practice for more than 40 years, and it’s rarer still for such a lawyer to jump to a new practice.


AbbVie, Besins must pay $448 million in FTC AndroGel case, judge rules

AbbVie and Besins Healthcare violated antitrust law by filing sham patent litigation to delay the availability of generic AndroGel, a Philadelphia federal judge ruled Friday, ordering the companies to pay $448 million in disgorgement.


Online privacy bill passes California legislature, heads to governor

California Governor Jerry Brown on Thursday signed into law a sweeping privacy measure that will let consumers block the sale of their online personal information and request that it be deleted, likely changing the way online companies do business.



FTC’s Gray joins innovative search engine DuckDuckGo



July 26 — Federal Trade Commission member Rebecca Slaughter is giving opening remarks at the New America conference on “Raising the Standard: Bringing Security and Transparency to the Internet of Things?” The event will be held at noon at the think tank’s offices in Washington, DC. For more information, go to: https://www.newamerica.org/oti/events/raising-standard-bringing-security-and-transparency-internet-things/.


FTC Briefs


Consumer groups urge FTC to investigate digital platforms


Senators want probe of biologic companies’ practices


DOJ Briefs


Elna executive pleads guilty to capacitors scheme