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7 FTC-friendly attorneys general to watch

State attorneys general are decisive allies to the Federal Trade Commission and are on the vanguard of protecting American consumers on privacy and antitrust issues.


Lawmakers face many roadblocks to passing consumer, antitrust measures 

Talk about known unknowns. Congress has a lot on its plate this fall, and it's not clear if its work will include key items on the antitrust and consumer protection wish list. 


Media scored multiple FTC leaks from Facebook probe in 2019, watchdog says

News media received multiple leaks about the Federal Trade Commission’s probe of Facebook in 2019. In pursuing the source behind the leaks, the agency’s internal watchdog came up empty, according to a memo obtained by FTCWatch. 


Bork book on antitrust still influential and controversial

In 1978, the highest grossing film was “Grease,” a musical ode to the 1950s. The most consequential antitrust book that year was the work of scholar Robert Bork, who longed to turn back the clock in other ways.


A look at American Influencer Council’s busy first year

By now, it should be clear to influencers and companies that disclosing sponsored content is required by the Federal Trade Commission, says Qianna Smith Bruneteau, founder of a nonprofit trade group for online trendsetters.


Loneliness plays major role in consumer fraud, study reveals

A study showing most fraud victims tend to be lonely is offering fresh insight on ways to enhance the government’s consumer protection and outreach efforts.


Neil Averitt commentary: Public comments shed light on FTC agenda

It’s nice to know what the Federal Trade Commission is doing, but it’s even nicer to know what it’s likely to do in the future. To get a window on that question, let’s look at the mix of public comments that were submitted to the agency during its recent open meetings.


Information on deals outside traditional antitrust bounds sought by FTC

The Federal Trade Commission is asking companies with mergers under in-depth review to supply information beyond the scope of a typical competition analysis, MLex has learned.


In new complaint, FTC beefs up details about Facebook’s market dominance

In its new complaint accusing Facebook of monopolizing the personal social networking services market, the Federal Trade Commission adds details that attempt to show the company’s overwhelming dominance.


FTC may act against companies for failing to file paperwork in deals involving debt retirement

The Federal Trade Commission may seek enforcement action against companies that fail to file paperwork for deals when they involve the retirement of debt.



Economist Langenfeld moves to BRG



Sept. 29 — The Third Annual Data Privacy Conference USA will be held virtually and in person in Washington, DC. For more information, go to: https://dataprivacy-conference.com/.


FTC Briefs


Chiropractors sued over deceptive marketing practices


DOJ Briefs


DOJ supports debit card rule changes