Current Issue: 983

With AbbVie-Allergan decision, Simons draws the line, blasts Dems

Perhaps more than in any other case since Joe Simons became chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, the 3-2 decision approving drugmaker AbbVie’s $63 billion buyout of rival Allergan reveals his unhappiness with the dissents of his Democratic colleagues.


Lawmakers, activists lay groundwork for antitrust policy shifts after election

Wait until next year.


Debate persists over impact of FTC’s much-touted hearings

It’s been almost two years since Federal Trade Commission Chairman Joe Simons announced with some fanfare a series of hearings to review and perhaps even re-think the agency’s approach to antitrust and consumer protection issues.


Simons gets warm Capitol Hill reception, but some chairs haven’t been so lucky

Congressional Democrats may loathe President Donald Trump, but at least when it comes to consumer protection issues, they appear to like his Federal Trade Commission chairman.


A robocall win for Feds as Covid-19 fraud calls surge

The Federal Trade Commission won a preliminary injunction against an Arizona firm for facilitating foreign robocallers who were impersonating US government officials.


Navigating hot-button issues with top privacy advocate Polonetsky

Privacy advocate Jules Polonetsky has made a career out of listening. It’s a skill he acquired working in local New York politics, representing working-class neighborhoods such as Coney Island and Brighton Beach in the state assembly.


Neil Averitt commentary: Questions about Amazon’s spying? The answers lie within the FTC Act

Amazon’s aggressive practices have led to many antitrust complaints from its business partners. The latest one accuses the tech conglomerate of spying on third-party companies that sell through its website and using this information to create rival products.


Coronavirus pandemic exposes limits of sectoral privacy regulation

Countries across the globe have rushed to draft technology into the anti-virus fight with willing assistance from Big Tech. Just as before the pandemic: There’s an app for that.


Facebook launches self-regulatory ‘experiment’ with autonomous Oversight Board

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in recent years has insisted his creation, arguably the biggest social experiment in human history, needs more regulation in the areas of privacy, elections, data-portability and harmful content. He’s about to get his wish.


Ex-Bumble Bee CEO facing potential record sentence for antitrust case

Christopher Lischewski, who ran Bumble Bee Foods for almost 20 years until his 2018 indictment for price-fixing, says a year of home confinement and a $25,000 fine is enough punishment following his conviction last year.



FTC veteran Moiseyev lands at Weil



June 3 — Federal Trade Commission member Christine Wilson is participating in a webinar discussion of the Brookings Institution on “What will it take to bridge gaps in federal privacy legislation?” The event will take place from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. For more information, go to: https://www.brookings.edu/events/webinar-what-will-it-take-to-bridge-gaps-on-federal-privacy-legislation/.


FTC Briefs


Congress gets update on FCRA push


FTC halts phony ‘free trial’ scheme


High-tech backpack founder banned from crowdfunding


DOJ Briefs


Apotex to pay $24.1 million for fixing pravastatin prices