Current Issue: 977

Push for tough penalties by Chopra, Slaughter pays off in LendEDU case

Veteran practitioners were surprised by news of the Federal Trade Commission securing monetary relief against personal finance website LendEDU, which engaged in a pay-to-play scheme.


Frustrated with FTC, Hawley proposes agency overhaul

Though Republicans have controlled the Federal Trade Commission for three years, several key members of the GOP in Congress are taking aim at the agency.


Smith doesn't see grave threat from court setbacks

As he outlined an ambitious and busy agenda, Andrew Smith, the director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, isn't about to get sidetracked by chatter that the agency is facing a grave threat in the wake of several major losses in federal courts.


Misconduct by Live Nation-Ticketmaster gets slap on wrist, critics tell DOJ

Diana Moss, president of the American Antitrust Institute, has blasted the Justice Department’s changes to a 2010 consent decree allowing Live Nation and Ticketmaster to merge.


High court to weigh limits on presidential power to remove agency officials

The president’s power to remove officials of independent agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission could be expanded, depending on the outcome of an upcoming Supreme Court case.


Feds ramp up action against robocallers

Two telecom companies accused of spreading fraudulent robocalls throughout the US have been named in wire fraud civil suits by the Justice Department.


Neil Averitt commentary: The thorny issue of non-compete clauses

Finding a workable remedy is sometimes the hardest part of a case.


Ebbs and flows: Tracing DOJ’s early antitrust efforts

Although this is the 150th anniversary of the Department of Justice, it came late to the antitrust party.


Qualcomm faces sympathetic judges in appeal of FTC win in chip-licensing case

Chipmaker Qualcomm faced a fairly friendly panel of appeals judges as it pushed to overturn a lower court win by the Federal Trade Commission, which found the company's patent-licensing practices violated antitrust law.


T-Mobile-Sprint opinion leaves states little room for appeal

An opinion handing T-Mobile and Sprint a resounding victory over states seeking to block their merger is grounded in the specific facts of the case and the judge’s view that company executives were credible, leaving states limited options if they want to appeal.


FTC studying Big Tech mergers with small companies for anticompetitive effects

The Federal Trade Commission has launched an investigation into whether large tech firms have a pattern of under-the-radar acquisitions of smaller would-be competitors.


Sabre-Farelogix judge questions lawyers on relevant market, deal price, honesty

The federal judge presiding over the Sabre-Farelogix merger trial in Delaware probed attorneys about the relevant market, two-sided platforms, the deal's valuation and the honesty of the companies' executives.



Engle moves from FTC to BBB



Feb. 18-21 — The American Bar Association’s Antitrust Section is holding its 13th International Cartel Workshop at the Palace Hotel San Francisco. For more information, go to: https://www.americanbar.org.


FTC Briefs


Biologics sector draws concerns


Court shuts down fake government sites


DOJ Briefs


Missouri businessman faces bid-rigging charge