Current Issue: 957

Court losses prompt talk of ‘existential threat’ to FTC

The Federal Trade Commission is facing an especially challenging time — some even call it an “existential threat”— after suffering a series of setbacks in federal courts.


Simons seen as possible FTC ‘swing’ voter

You might think when an agency issues a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking — a preliminary effort to seek public comments over a 60-day period about a proposal — it wouldn’t provoke partisan divisions.


Antitrust hearings paint tale of two chambers

Heavy hand versus lighter touch.


Robocall fight gets help from lawmakers

Robocalls are a constant nuisance — and reports show they’re increasing in epic numbers. But Congress could change that narrative, if a bipartisan group of lawmakers succeeds in its renewed effort to punish illegal callers.


Focus of US privacy enforcement shifting toward children

In the wake of a record fine from the Federal Trade Commission and new legislation that could significantly ramp up future regulatory action, children have emerged as one of the most active areas in US privacy enforcement.


FTC social media outreach spotlights SSA impostors

Student loan and tax fraud were two scams addressed by the Federal Trade Commission in its social media outreach during National Consumer Protection Week in early March. But a major increase in calls by impostors pretending to be with the Social Security Administration and seeking personal identification information warranted the extra effort of a webcast.


Neil Averitt commentary: Light beers, corn syrup, and the art of comparative ads

Companies have to walk a fine line when crafting advertisements that promote their own products and also manage to denigrate the competition. A striking example came to national attention at the time of the Super Bowl, when Bud Light unveiled a commercial accusing the other major light beers of using corn syrup in their brewing process.


Bristol-Myers Squibb, Celgene likely to face longer US antitrust probe

Bristol-Myers Squibb’s plan to buy Celgene likely faces an extended US antitrust investigation, given the impact of the partial federal government shutdown and size of the deal. But a longer review doesn't necessarily point to problems.


Spokeo settles, but debate over standing in privacy cases continues

After eight years of court battles, people search engine Spokeo has agreed to settle a lawsuit that went up to the Supreme Court and transformed the test for determining standing in privacy litigation.



Nahra jumps from Wiley Rein to WilmerHale 



March 19-20 — Federal Trade Commission Chairman Joe Simons will speak at the ANA’s Advertising Law & Public Policy Conference. It will be held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Washington, DC. For more information, go to: https://www.ana.net/conference/show/id/LAW-MAR19.


FTC Briefs


Slight budget hike sought by FTC


Hawley blasts FTC’s laxness on oversight of Big Tech


DOJ Briefs


Dems query DOJ on White House meddling in AT&T deal