Current Issue: 1003

As ruling on restitution case looms, FTC pursues litigation, other options

If the Supreme Court limits the Federal Trade Commission’s ability to obtain redress, the agency will likely concentrate on alternate ways of enforcing existing rules and writing more of them.


Khan unlikely to face confirmation fight for FTC post

Most nominations to the Federal Trade Commission are confirmed by the Senate with little controversy, and Lina Khan is not likely to be an exception.


Antitrust carveout may not solve media woes in the long term

Though traditional news outlets want an antitrust exemption to help fend off the threat of Facebook and Google, past waivers haven’t prevented problems in the industry.


Feds vow crackdown of wrongful evictions during pandemic

The Federal Trade Commission has vowed to crack down on landlords looking to illegally evict tenants suffering from financial hardships.


Vaccine card selfies: an open invitation to identity theft

Getting vaccinated feels good, so good people want to celebrate. And where do people celebrate these days? Social media.


After severe weather strikes, home repair fraudsters take aim

Home repair fraud is a second disaster for homeowners after damaging storms, tornadoes and floods strike, the Federal Trade Commission said this month. The agency told consumers to beware of these scams as spring is expected to bring a dose of severe weather.


Neil Averitt commentary: What does the future hold for Amazon?

The possibility of an antitrust case against Amazon has somehow slipped from our consciousness, lost in the glare of the more concrete complaints already filed against Google and Facebook.


Cigarette and smokeless tobacco use declines

Joe Camel must be forlorn.


FTC expert witness costs consistently higher than anticipated

Spending on expert witnesses at the Federal Trade Commission reached a five-year peak during the federal fiscal year ending last September as the agency compensated outside consultants with an amount three times larger than it had allocated for in its budget.


Slaughter says FTC should examine diversity, inclusion in agency hiring practices

The Federal Trade Commission should assess how it can better implement considerations of diversity and inclusion into its hiring and promotion practices, acting Chairwoman Rebecca Kelly Slaughter said.



Okuliar leaves DOJ front office for Morrison & Foerster



April 20 — Representative David Cicilline and Senator Amy Klobuchar will speak at a virtual conference on “After Google and Facebook: The Future of Journalism and Democracy.” The event is sponsored by the Open Markets Institute. For more information, go to: https://www.openmarketsinstitute.org/publications/conference-after-google-and-facebook-the-future-of-journalism-and-democracy.


FTC Briefs


FTC shuts down mobile banking app Beam


DOJ Briefs


Republic Services’ buy of Santek cleared with divestitures