Wu says FTC has law on its side

Timothy Wu, who was the intellectual architect of much of the Biden administration’s competition policy, says the US has moved to an antitrust era that connects to democratic roots. Congressional intent assures its longevity, he told FTCWatch in a...

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Amgen-Horizon case raises possibility of personalized merger law

At first glance, the Federal Trade Commission’s complaint targeting the Amgen-Horizon deal seems ill-conceived and overbroad, but on second look there may be a hidden logic behind it. The history of the two companies could also become a factor in the analysis.

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Democratic-led FTC finds strong allies in House

The Federal Trade Commission has gained allies on Capitol Hill as House Democrats appear willing to give the agency more money and power to go after companies that hurt consumers.

Klobuchar’s bold measure is initial move in antitrust debate

Senator Amy Klobuchar fired the opening legislative salvo in what could be Congress’ first major overhaul of antitrust law in 45 years.

Feds, others report upswing in consumer complaints

The Federal Trade Commission and other government and private organizations received 4.7 million consumer protection-related complaints last year, compared with 3.2 million in 2019.

Romance scams on rise, fueled by pandemic loneliness, figures show

The Federal Trade Commission has long warned of cold-hearted scammers preying on lonely hearts in attempts to swindle money or obtain sensitive financial information. According to fresh data,...

Antitrust and privacy conferences going virtual again

For the second consecutive year, the American Bar Association and the International Association of Privacy Professionals have moved their big conferences online due to Covid-19 concerns.

Unemployment insurance ID theft soared in 2020 amid pandemic

Identity thieves were hard at work filing bogus unemployment benefits claims at the height of the pandemic, the Federal Trade Commission said. Complaints of fraud rose to 230,000 by the fourth...