Q&A: Getting candid with Noah Phillips

Federal Trade Commission member Noah Phillips spoke with FTCWatch reporters June 7 on a balcony outside his office overlooking 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. Inside his office, a picture hangs on the wall of conservatives’ bête noire, Louis...

Neill Averitt

What changes are coming with the merger guidelines?

The antitrust agencies are busy considering possible revisions to the horizontal merger guidelines. Recent speeches and writings by some key players give us hints of what the final product might look like.

Current Issue: 998

Slaughter faces obstacles in implementing aggressive agenda on antitrust and equity

Acting Federal Trade Commission Chairman Rebecca Slaughter has signaled she will work toward reforming antitrust laws and putting a greater emphasis on policies and strategies that will reduce...

Blumenthal brings long record on consumer issues to role as subcommittee chair

Senator Richard Blumenthal, who is in line to chair the subcommittee that oversees the Federal Trade Commission’s consumer protection efforts, is likely to treat the agency with tough love.

Breaking down barriers: Recruiting and promoting Black antitrust lawyers

US regulators and private law firms have struggled to attract African American talent to their ranks, which has led to poor representation at the most senior levels of antitrust enforcement.

Big Tech, healthcare probes could set stage for FTC litigation, other actions

Complaints about abusive practices by Big Tech and healthcare companies have prompted the Federal Trade Commission’s recent announcements of studies — one focusing on consumer protection and one...

Privacy Corner: Hartzog dives deep into tech’s impact on social justice

Woodrow Hartzog thought he wanted to be a newsman like his grandfather Woodie, who started working for WLBT-TV in Jackson, Mississippi, in 1953, and became a local celebrity as the weatherman and...

Stop misleading players, FTC tells video game companies

Video games that fail to provide awards as promised have drawn the ire of the Federal Trade Commission.