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Political, judicial tests await FTC in coming year

The Federal Trade Commission starts the new year and a new administration with slightly more money and enforcement power but is facing political and judicial storm clouds ahead.

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With Dems poised to control Senate, Klobuchar’s antitrust agenda could gather steam

With the expected change in partisan control of the Senate, those who want to reform antitrust laws will have a strong ally in the new chairwoman of the chamber’s Judiciary antitrust subcommittee.

New administration may shift enforcement amid Privacy Shield fallout

“Our privacy enforcement is better than any in the world,” Federal Trade Commission member Noah Phillips bragged recently.

For Black antitrust lawyers, top DOJ, FTC posts remain elusive

Doha Mekki’s family moved from Sudan to Charlotte, North Carolina, when she was four years old, so her mother could pursue a PhD in architecture. A military coup propelling Omar al-Bashir to power...

Privacy Corner: Gray combines love of science, law in tackling privacy risks

Stacey Gray studied biology in college with plans to become a physician. Then a political science course changed her career trajectory.

Pujo committee hearings on big banks helped shape antitrust law

A devoutly religious politician from the mid-Atlantic region had just defeated a Republican president. But instead of partisan bickering or street protests, the weeks after the election featured...

Neil Averitt commentary: Simon & Schuster acquisition is deeply problematic

Publishing conglomerate Penguin Random House plans to buy venerable trade book publisher Simon & Schuster, in a move sure to cause hives at the Department of Justice’s antitrust division.

As income scams rise, FTC mounts lawsuits

Biden attorney general pick Garland grounded in antitrust law

Delrahim discusses major decisions, rifts with FTC, staff morale as his departure nears

Mobile-gaming industry anchored by Apple, Google app stores to face greater FTC scrutiny

FTC faces uphill challenge during Supreme Court arguments over ability to obtain remedies