Tech titans, other companies face PR hurdles in antitrust suits

Antitrust cases are fought as much in the court of public opinion as in a courtroom, and experts say that calls for a multipronged strategy.

Neill Averitt

Actually using a balancing test in the Google case

Antitrust lawyers love to talk about the consumer welfare standard and the rule of reason, and indeed these things are central to the intellectual framework of the law and to practical counseling. But when they’re put to the test in high-stakes litigation against Big Tech, courts generally recoil...

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Dissents over Zoom settlement may offer roadmap to policy shifts in Biden administration

As speculation ramps up about what to expect in a Biden administration on privacy policy, the Federal Trade Commission’s two Democratic members set out a possible roadmap for the future in their...

Lawmakers pass bills targeting scams against seniors

The Federal Trade Commission could have more power to monitor and educate people about scams affecting senior citizens after legislation passed by the Senate and House.

Zoom settlement stirs talk over FTC chief technologist’s role

Rohit Chopra’s searing dissent in the Federal Trade Commission’s settlement with Zoom included a pitch to restore the chief technologist’s role and to boost the technical rigor in agency...

Franchise Rule could get slight makeover

When it comes to disclosing financial information to potential franchisees, the Federal Trade Commission must decide if less is in fact more.

Privacy Corner: Chilson pushes for more nuanced approach on tech issues

As policymakers confront a host of technology-related issues, Neil Chilson wants the government to strike the right balance between effective enforcement and giving individuals ample leeway.

In tackling crypto schemes, FTC presses on

Nearly 8,000 consumers deceived by a cryptocurrency chain referral scheme are receiving refunds from the Federal Trade Commission as part of a settlement deal.