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Partisan splits on Capitol Hill over antitrust likely, but less rancor between DOJ, FTC

At a time when once arcane issues involving antitrust are making headlines, including whether the laws are even adequate to rein in tech giants, it’s doubtful a newly elected Congress will succeed in tackling such big matters.

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Dust off neglected powers, Chopra urges FTC

It seems like a safe bet that Federal Trade Commission member Rohit Chopra is a pessimist.

Rethinking the FTC’s decision not to sue Google

Shortly after the Federal Trade Commission decided not to pursue an antitrust case against Google in 2013, Tim Wu, who had served as a senior adviser at the agency, stoutly defended the decision in...

Microsoft, Northern Securities cases paved way for Google antitrust showdown

With high risk comes the potential for great reward. That’s a pivotal part of the thought process for senior antitrust officials when they consider suing prominent companies.

FTC unveils new consumer fraud site as scams surge

Amid a rise in scams and under pressure from Congress, the Federal Trade Commission has unveiled a new website for consumers to report fraud.

Electronic money launderers shell out millions for aiding fraudsters

Front companies that handle transactions for fraudsters are feeling the heat from the Federal Trade Commission. This year they’ve forked over millions to settle with the agency.

Neil Averitt commentary: Focus on merger enforcement, don’t sweat the other stuff

As we head into a new presidential term, antitrust policy wonks are preparing wide-ranging enforcement proposals. This impressive range of thought is basically a mistake. Instead, the key thing is...

In Google antitrust suit, DOJ focuses on privacy harms rather than price

Barry Nigro reflects on three-year tenure at DOJ following departure