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Slaughter doubles down on using antitrust enforcement to thwart systemic racism

Federal Trade Commission member Rebecca Slaughter wasted no time on her return to work from maternity leave to take on an explosive issue, arguing that antitrust enforcement can combat systemic racism.

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FTC tackles hot issue of data portability

Technology firms, legal advocates and the nation's largest retailer want more guidance from the Federal Trade Commission on how to transfer consumer data while protecting privacy and promoting...

Slaughter's tweets on antitrust and race spark backlash

Federal Trade Commission member Rebecca Slaughter knows her recent tweets about using antitrust enforcement "to right the wrongs of systemic racism" are provocative.

Top Obama official encourages more nuanced approach to information disclosure

When it comes to rules about providing information to the public, sometimes less is more. That's the view of Cass Sunstein, the top regulatory official during President Barack Obama's first term...

Privacy rights champion Givens resets conversation on tech policy

Alexandra Reeve Givens, CEO at the Center for Democracy and Technology, has had a lifelong motivation: to be part of public conversations that aim to help make peoples' lives better.

Stock-trading app Robinhood leaves customers complaining

Investors and traders looking to download the stock-trading app Robinhood to their smartphones are given a list in Apple's app store of what the brokerage can offer.

Neil Averitt commentary: The Qualcomm case revisited

The Qualcomm case stands as a monument to missed opportunities. All parties involved saw the matter as a strikingly complex Sherman Act monopolization case, while it should have been litigated as a...

Siemens-Varian deal may prompt US antitrust look at radiation oncology market

In probing Facebook for antitrust violations, FTC digs into company's impacts on privacy