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Whistleblower sets off new alarms about political meddling at DOJ

Charges that decisions in the Justice Department’s antitrust division have been driven by political considerations took on new force when a whistleblower amplified that theme while testifying on Capitol Hill.

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After high court ruling, FTC faces other threats to its independence, ex-chair says

The structure and independence of multi-member agencies like the Federal Trade Commission survived a recent Supreme Court decision, but a former chairman says the antitrust regulator faces other...

Exploring a potential makeover for Privacy Shield cases

The three Republican members of the Federal Trade Commission praised a settlement with a company charged with violating the EU-US Privacy Shield as unusually tough. For Democratic Commissioner...

Dealmakers armed with more insurance coverage trigger jump in claims

There’s been a huge jump in claims for breaches of representations and warranties in merger agreements.

PrivacyCon to tackle buzzworthy topics

Improving the data security of health apps, studying how Facebook’s ad delivery techniques can cause bias and exploring attempts to place a value on privacy are among the hot topics at this year’s...

Consumers face myriad pandemic-related scams, delayed and unfilled orders, FTC says

Unemployed workers have been preyed on during the pandemic-related downturn, facemask and sanitizer orders have gone unfilled, and the Federal Trade Commission’s name has been exploited by...

Neil Averitt commentary: I have seen the future and it teleworks

This column started out as an account of how people have been adapting to the technical challenges of working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic. Then it quickly became apparent that something...

Vertical merger guidelines issued amid criticism from top FTC Democrats

Taboola-Outbrain deal faces uphill climb in US after initial UK review

California’s enforcement of CCPA begins with implementing regulations still pending