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If Dems take control next year, FTC could see more internal battles

The Federal Trade Commission more than most federal agencies is known for continuity and bipartisanship regardless of which party controls the White House. Yet in the past two years, since five commissioners took their seats at roughly the same time, there have been some bitter battles in high-profile cases.

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In web chat, Delrahim discusses bold initiatives, opens up about lessons learned

Makan Delrahim has made lots of waves since being confirmed as assistant attorney general of the Justice Department’s antitrust division in September 2017.

Partisan bickering overshadows FTC’s push to beef up privacy efforts

The Federal Trade Commission presented a mostly unified front in asking Congress for more money and authority to beef up its privacy enforcement, but the commissioners still couldn’t restrain...

Pandemic brings renewed concerns around loot boxes in video games

A global pandemic is a good excuse to lounge around and play video games, which is what many have been doing in recent months, leading to renewed concerns about in-game purchases with gambling-like...

As Funeral Rule shows age, FTC mulls changes

Some funeral homes voluntarily list their prices online. Should others follow suit?

Fraudsters demanding Bitcoin in account protection scam

Fraudsters are demanding Bitcoin from computer users by pretending they will expose embarrassing personal details about their lives, the Federal Trade Commission said. But the bluffs are sometimes...

Neil Averitt commentary: Jockeying for a future antitrust job? Show some moral courage

With an election and a new presidential term coming closer, the people who hope to see themselves staffing the antitrust agencies are jockeying for position, writing policy papers and making...

DOJ whistleblower testifies at politically charged congressional hearing

Facebook's history with Onavo resonates for privacy experts worried about Giphy purchase

No-poach case involving swanky retailers again tees up ‘vertical’ agreements