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New report on Trump administration’s antitrust record comes under fire

A recent report finding a significant step-down in antitrust enforcement during the Trump administration has provoked a fierce debate as current and former government officials dispute the study’s conclusions and question its methodology.

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Wilson, Slaughter spar again in red-hot debate over remedies

As the five members of the Federal Trade Commission celebrate their second anniversary, one thing is clear as time passes: this group will be known for its sharp ideological differences concerning...

FTC gets earful on changes to data security rule

The Federal Trade Commission is trying to strike a balance between improving data security and overburdening financial institutions and schools as it updates the Safeguards Rule.

Steven Edwards, antitrust leader and musician, dies

Steven Edwards, who combined a career as a prominent antitrust lawyer with performing in an award-winning rock and roll band, died from coronavirus-related complications on April 8. He was 73.

In considering ad claims, Wilson pushes to relax some rigid rules

Federal Trade Commission member Christine Wilson wants the agency to lower the bar when evaluating whether some claims in ads can be proven.

Battling coronavirus fraud takes precedence at FTC

Chalk up to the novel coronavirus another American milestone: The pandemic permeates every category of consumer complaints received by the Federal Trade Commission.

Neil Averitt commentary: A cautious approach to Internet of Things cases

The devices that constitute the Internet of Things are becoming ubiquitous. Door locks can be opened from your mobile phone. New generation toys can talk with your children. Those long-promised...

Rhode Island firm busted for Covid-19 loan scheme, but pandemic scams persist

Visa deal for Plaid could draw close look from US regulators

NCAA player-pay rule change likely won't stop antitrust suits