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Antitrust agencies spark debate for letting competitors team up in Covid-19 fight

The Detroit News recently reported the “Covid-19 pandemic has forged unprecedented cooperation between Metro Detroit health systems on potential treatments for the respiratory illness, but also created tensions as they coordinate how to spread patients in crowded facilities to less-filled ones across Michigan.”

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In contested lawsuit, FTC spars with alleged telemarketing scammers

On its face, the battle in a Texas federal court between the Federal Trade Commission and several firms and individuals over an alleged telemarketing scheme looks straightforward, but it has taken...

Lawmakers mull action on contact lens rules as others weigh in

As the public awaits the Federal Trade Commission’s final action on proposed changes to the Contact Lens Rule, Congress may take measures as well.

From 9/11 to coronavirus, FTC responds to national crises

While the coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented event, national crises are not. Whether it was the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Cold War or Great Depression, the Federal Trade...

Williams-Sonoma to shell out $1 million in ‘Made in the USA’ settlement

For the past two years, consumers interested in buying products such as furniture, cookware or bedding that were made in the United States may have been drawn to Williams-Sonoma and its brands.

Consumers bilked by patent firm get refunds

Would-be inventors who paid World Patent Marketing for services they never received are getting refunds thanks to the Federal Trade Commission.

Neil Averitt commentary: Did lax merger enforcement cause a ventilator shortage?

Did the Federal Trade Commission inadvertently create the critical shortage of respiratory ventilators amid a global health crisis? Maybe yes and maybe no.

FTC mounts case against Altria-Juul deal with focus on non-compete agreements

Tapplock sanctioned for inadequate security for Internet-connected locks