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Pulling no punches, Delrahim faces critics, talks up job he loves

In a wide-ranging, hour-long telephone interview from Paris where he was attending the OECD Global Forum on Competition, Makan Delrahim pulled no punches.

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Moiseyev reflects on successes, frustrations as FTC antitrust enforcer

Michael Moiseyev wants to go out on top. The longtime head of the Federal Trade Commission’s Mergers 1 Division has never had one of his settlement recommendations overturned by the agency. He has...

Are Delrahim’s actions troubling? Antitrust insiders weigh in

When President Donald Trump revealed Makan Delrahim as his pick for the Justice Department’s antitrust chief in March 2017, attorneys in the field responded with enthusiasm.

Second requests involving big deals remain unchanged since mid-year

As 2019 ends, FTCWatch counts 15 big deals that have garnered “second requests”— eight from the Federal Trade Commission and seven from the Department of Justice. Our list in July featured 15...

Bitcoin’s popularity surges in online extortion scams

Scammers are using an old trick to defraud people out of new crypotcurrencies, the Federal Trade Commission said.

Gates to Rockefeller: How a monopolist shapes philanthropy

Charitable giving, especially around the holidays, evokes images of kindness and good will toward others. But much of the current system of philanthropy was set up by people with mixed reputations.

Neil Averitt commentary: New books fuel widening debate on antitrust policy

The long-frozen consensus in antitrust policy has finally cracked open.

Injunction against Facebook would be rare, bold step

FTC economist Kobayashi to step down, return to teaching

Roche-Spark deal faces FTC Republicans who overruled Democrats on BMS-Celgene

DOJ renews warning against special interests hijacking setting of standards