Political gridlock could prevent FTC from getting disgorgement powers

Congressional backers of giving the Federal Trade Commission more powers to recover ill-gotten gains will need a host of skills. But the most important one may be ensuring they can count to 60.

Neill Averitt

Protecting businesses from telemarketing scams

The Federal Trade Commission has long protected individual consumers from scams, but now it’s devoting more attention to scams that target businesses. This reflects a fundamental broadening of the agency’s sense of its mission.

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Bristol-Myers’ buyout of Celgene approved by deeply divided FTC

Federal Trade Commission member Noah Phillips’ exasperation is palpable.

Senate Democrats raise hopes on privacy legislation, but hurdles remain

Senate Democrats have energized congressional deliberations over privacy legislation by issuing a set of principles, but officials on Capitol Hill and industry groups warn there are still hurdles...

Economists: Bright stars of antitrust analysis or well-paid advocates who spin a good yarn?

Antitrust economists have undergone a dramatic transformation in recent years, abandoning their long-held reputations as nerdy math geeks to become well-paid, sharp-dressed expert witnesses in...

Wilson argues 20-year FTC orders are too long, while Slaughter and others disagree

When the Federal Trade Commission recently settled charges that a tech company had failed to safeguard consumer data, the agency executed its customary 20-year order, but one commissioner disagreed...

Social media influencers listen up: FTC has more dos and don’ts

For social media influencers preparing to plug a brand this holiday season and beyond, the Federal Trade Commission is providing some much-needed clarity.

California companies accused of conning student loan borrowers

Eight California companies professing to lower student debt and six individuals associated with the firms are facing Federal Trade Commission claims of defrauding consumers who paid them monthly...