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Battle intensifies over best way to boost journalism

No one disputes that the business model for journalism faces serious challenges, but the debate over a proper fix has become increasingly contentious.

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Graham, Walden exiting committee leadership posts overseeing FTC

Two Republicans with considerable say about congressional oversight of the Federal Trade Commission are leaving their posts when the current Congress ends next year.

A bad merger proposal? It's in the eye of the beholder

Four years ago, the Justice Department’s top antitrust official said some proposed mergers were so ill-advised, so obviously non-starters, that they should never have emerged from the corporate...

In suit against FTC, supplement company cites Trump executive order

That didn’t take long.

Sunday Riley case exposes FTC split over policing bogus reviews

It all depends on what the meaning of protection is. Federal Trade Commission members often praise the virtues of the agency’s efforts to protect consumers against deceptive practices. But they...

Convicted of rigging Libor, ex-Deutsche Bank trader rails against DOJ in new book

Former Deutsche Bank trader Matthew Connolly, on trial last fall for charges of manipulating a major interest benchmark, describes in his new book some important considerations while bracing for...

Neil Averitt commentary: Challenges to NCAA pay rules aren’t an antitrust slam dunk

With much fanfare, the National Collegiate Athletic Association announced on Oct. 29 it is considering new rules to permit college athletes to receive compensation for use of their name, image and...

Class action notices face difficulties in the age of spam

T-Mobile-Sprint order from FCC gives some fodder to states, but helps companies more

Otto Bock, Freedom Innovations must unwind merger, FTC rules

‘Self-preferencing’ by Big Tech getting increasing attention from regulators