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Big hurdles await FTC, DOJ in pursuing nascent competition cases

After the Federal Trade Commission was rebuffed in its challenge to a merger involving a nascent competitor a few years ago, critics wondered whether the agency would become gun-shy.  

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E-cigarette probe gathering steam

The Federal Trade Commission is gathering data on the marketing practices of e-cigarette makers, adding another component to the government’s efforts to clamp down on a widening public health crisis.

DOJ’s top antitrust litigator resigned during probe of alleged falsehoods under oath

Don Kempf, the Justice Department’s top antitrust litigator who managed the agency’s unsuccessful challenge of the AT&T-Time Warner merger, resigned in August 2018 after he allegedly made false...

Presidential candidate Warren proposes repealing state protections of hospital deals

Elizabeth Warren’s antitrust fever is rising.

Push for access to Facebook’s encrypted messages pits Slaughter against Barr

At least one member of the Federal Trade Commission disagrees with the recent push by Attorney General William Barr to gain access to Facebook’s encrypted communications.

Enforcers juggle interests in privacy cases

While government is sometimes criticized for having a circus-like atmosphere, when it comes to privacy enforcement, the Federal Trade Commission really does engage in a fair amount of juggling.

Neil Averitt commentary: Congressional relations shifting in new antitrust era

Antitrust issues have become a part of the national political conversation for the first time in many decades, and with their arrival the tools of congressional relations are starting to change.

Coppa review already courting controversy

Victims of nearly decade-old LeanSpa scam continue to get refunds

Conner to replace Bureau of Competition head Hoffman

Qualcomm, Apple are top visitors with FTC as commissioners struggle with antitrust case

Facebook, YouTube settlements send ‘wrong message’ on equal treatment, Chopra says

DOJ weighs in on more antitrust cases, with mixed success