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Phillips opens up about FTC-DOJ tensions, defends Facebook settlement

For about an hour in his office, a relaxed Noah Phillips amiably fielded a slew of questions covering countless issues that have come before him as a member of the Federal Trade Commission.

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A political game or antitrust enforcement as usual at DOJ?

During a recent lunch attended by a large gathering of seasoned antitrust practitioners, Barry Nigro, a top official at the Justice Department, was asked a blunt question that it’s safe to say was...

Lawmakers optimistic about passing privacy bill, but antitrust measure not so much

Congress could be on track to pass legislation protecting privacy before the end of next year, but the prospect for a measure to substantially change the antitrust laws is less clear.

Simons, Delrahim fail to dispel senators’ concerns at raucous hearing

One of the first rules of testifying at a congressional hearing is to do no harm. But that maxim proved to be a high hurdle for Federal Trade Commission Chairman Joe Simons, who was a witness at a...

Groups clash at workshop on enforcing ‘Made in USA’ rule

The leader of a trade group representing American manufacturers and the top marketing executive at an American jewelry company butted heads at a Sept. 26 workshop about “Made in USA” products.

Play Doh, forget the apps: Levin urges caution in raising tech-loving kids

For decades, Dr. Diane Levin has been helping parents and teachers understand how various media, from televisions to video games, affect childhood development.

Neil Averitt commentary: Head off dual-enforcement issue with Section 5 cases

The question of why the country has two antitrust agencies is resurfacing, and it poses a long-term threat to the Federal Trade Commission. Fortunately, there’s a remedy. The agency can set out to...

DC private high schools’ agreement to scrap AP classes scrutinized by DOJ

Online platforms face privacy-antitrust dilemma in trying to police bad actors