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FTC suffers another legal blow to enforcement arsenal

The Federal Trade Commission faces difficult strategic choices after a federal court delivered a body blow to the heart of its enforcement program, reviving chatter that the agency is facing an “existential threat.”

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Democratic presidential candidates aim to boost media competition

Banning big media mergers, revamping private equity rules and exempting some media companies from antitrust laws. These are among the proposals of Democratic presidential candidates seeking to...

‘Game-changing’ Google settlement with FTC has businesses fretting over impact

Even as Andrew Smith, director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, exalted the agency’s “game-changing” $170 million settlement with Google, businesses were scrambling...

Fixes for mergers raise questions about intent of Congress

Antitrust authorities and academics have conducted numerous studies to determine whether the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission have been successful remedying anticompetitive mergers.

Finch talks politics of antitrust, DOJ stint

Antitrust is making huge headlines and a former Justice Department official said the additional attention is healthy for the field.

EU-US Privacy Shield violators settle FTC complaints

The Federal Trade Commission has settled actions accusing five companies of falsely claiming certification under the EU-US Privacy Shield framework.

Neil Averitt commentary: State enforcers lay out big risks in T-Mobile-Sprint union

The Justice Department’s antitrust division has negotiated a settlement in the T-Mobile-Sprint merger, but a coalition of states is continuing the battle. 

With Google probe, states uncork strong rhetoric against company once known for ‘Don't Be Evil’ motto

DOJ must overcome Noerr-Pennington in probe of BMW, Ford emissions pact with California

Novelis, Aleris reach agreement with DOJ that should secure deal in US