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‘Remarkable’ Qualcomm case puts spotlight on dissents

Joshua Wright, a frequent dissenter while serving as a member of the Federal Trade Commission, wrote in a recent tweetstorm that he “never once dissented in ongoing litigation.”

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Congress flexes muscles on antitrust — again

On antitrust issues, Congress often has a four-letter word solution to the problem: talk. Democrats, and some Republicans, are trying to change that old refrain.

Judge tries to breathe new life into Tunney Act, but odds are long

Critics who blasted the Justice Department’s approval last year of the CVS Health-Aetna merger as harmful to consumers couldn’t have foreseen getting a chance to air their grievances in testimony...

Senator Lee reignites antitrust turf debate

When one of Congress’ leading antitrust experts called for consolidating antitrust enforcement, he was reviving a decades-long debate among practitioners.

Playing the FOIA waiting game

The Freedom of Information Act was created to hold officials accountable by allowing journalists access to government documents.

Wilson reflects on uplifting women lawyers in antitrust field

When Christine Wilson started as an associate in 1995, the field of antitrust lawyers looked quite different. The Federal Trade Commission member felt like an “invader” because there were few women...

Neil Averitt commentary: The Doric simplicity of the Qualcomm opinion

Federal judge Lucy Koh decided the case of Federal Trade Commission v. Qualcomm on May 21, ruling the company had maintained a monopoly over crucial cellphone chips through various exclusionary...

FTC examines tricky world of online tickets

One-ring phone scam resurfaces, FTC warns

T-Mobile suit by states sets precedent, defies FCC, pressures DOJ

US's Google probe may build on Australia, UK reviews of digital advertising