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Qualcomm ruling sets off reverberations beyond antitrust law

Federal judge Lucy Koh’s ruling on May 21 for the Federal Trade Commission in its case accusing Qualcomm of illegally monopolizing the modem chip market is setting off reverberations that extend far beyond a narrow reading of antitrust law.

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Hawley pushes privacy bills to bolster FTC enforcement powers

While lawmakers negotiate the details of a draft of sweeping privacy legislation, Senator Josh Hawley has introduced two bills that would beef up the Federal Trade Commission’s ability to protect...

Presidential candidates pitch progressive antitrust solutions to farmers

Wisconsin. Iowa. Michigan. Pennsylvania. Ohio. As the 2020 election drum beats on, it’s clear Democrats will need to flip some of these states to win the presidency. And in an attempt to reach...

Proposal taking aim at oil cartel gaining steam again

Legislation that empowers the Justice Department to pursue antitrust enforcement against the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, its member states and state-owned oil companies is...

Merger of textbook publishers reflects long-standing market shift

The Trump administration, which hasn’t been bashful about going after so-called unfair practices in higher education, will likely have a say about a proposed merger that some believe could raise...

Man with a mission: Golin takes on big tech in children’s privacy fight

Josh Golin, executive director of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, never planned on becoming an advocate for protecting children from the multibillion dollar marketing industry.

Neil Averitt commentary: Care and feeding of summer associates

Memorial Day has come and gone. With it, summer interns and associates have arrived at government agencies and big-city law firms to get a taste of the legal profession. But now that they’re here,...

Consumer watchdog accuses FTC of regulatory capture

Stigler's ‘Digital Authority’ sidesteps legal, political problems of other antitrust reforms

FCC's T-Mobile fix includes carrots for DOJ, states