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Pressure’s on as FTC negotiates Facebook penalty

Something strange happened after Facebook disclosed the Federal Trade Commission might hit it with an eye-popping fine as high as $5 billion for violating a privacy order — the largest civil penalty in the agency’s history.

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More presidential hopefuls weigh in on antitrust issues

Come on in. The antitrust water is fine.

In LabMD aftermath, FTC retools data security orders

After an appeals court ruled the Federal Trade Commission’s order telling a medical testing company to fix its weak data security was unenforceable — finding it too vague — practitioners have...

Lawmakers clash over newspaper antitrust exemption

Two House members with the most clout on antitrust matters favor an exemption for the newspaper industry, but hold their positions for different reasons.

An Rx for stronger antitrust enforcement? New book explores options

The doctors — or in this case, the legal scholars — thought they knew what ailed the patient. In the late 1970s, “the patient” was the sluggish US economy, and Robert Bork and Richard Posner...

End Standard Oil consent decree, DOJ says

Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft are either frowning in their graves or realizing their efforts succeeded.

Neil Averitt commentary: Video games, loot boxes and the lure of virtual gambling

Black helicopters and sewer monsters are on the agenda at the Federal Trade Commission.

Medicare insurance card scam on FTC hit list

DOJ-FTC split on Qualcomm exposes interagency rift

Facebook, Comcast reps say broadcast, cable, digital compete for advertising

House Judiciary panel approves bills to boost drug competition