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Smith – open and optimistic – details agenda for Bureau of Consumer Protection

Andrew Smith, whose appointment last year to head the Federal Trade Commission's Bureau of Consumer Protection sparked controversy, has settled into the post and is upbeat about prospects for pursuing an aggressive agenda.

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Congress would hand FTC more privacy tools, but with caveats

If Congress passes a privacy bill, it would likely give the Federal Trade Commission more money to spend on personnel and enforcement.

Decrying ‘regulatory excesses,’ Wilson makes strong first impression

It hasn’t taken long for Christine Wilson, the newest member of the Federal Trade Commission, to make a strong first impression.

Supreme Court could weigh in on robocalls dispute

When the Federal Trade Commission’s staff issued an advisory opinion that telephone calls using specialized soundboard technology are robocalls, it provoked a legal battle over whether the opinion...

New FTC task force to target consummated mergers

The Federal Trade Commission could break up already-approved mergers through a new task force, the agency announced Feb. 26.

California looks to take lead in combating pay-for-delay settlements

Federal lawmakers have tried unsuccessfully for years to pass legislation to curb pay-for-delay agreements where branded drugmakers pay rivals to keep generic drugs from coming to market. Now, a...

South Africa finds middle-ground on job losses and merger enforcement

US antitrust leaders scoff at the notion that job losses should fall under the umbrella of antitrust analysis. Meanwhile, popular professors and former regulators call it “hipster antitrust” and...

Neil Averitt commentary: Lessons learned from the Reagan Revolution

FTC sets sights on crypto pyramid scheme

Per se rethink hits skids

AT&T-Time Warner outcome sets important but limited precedent for vertical deals

Third Circuit sides with Shire Viropharma in affirming dismissal of FTC case