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US among world’s most secretive antitrust jurisdictions

America calls itself the great beacon of democracy, but its antitrust agencies are among the most secretive in the world. Government lawyers and executives claim they’re forbidden from discussing merger reviews by law, but these claims seem dubious.

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Antitrust gaining attention on Hill and campaign trail

Antitrust is becoming something of the belle of the political ball.  

Bayer-Monsanto settlement stirs debate over value of Tunney Act

The Justice Department’s declaration that its remedy in the Bayer-Monsanto merger is “a victory for American farmers and consumers” has provoked harsh reactions from critics who say the deal will...

Dingell was demanding, supportive in dealings with FTC

The late Representative John Dingell often showed his love for the Federal Trade Commission, but it was sometimes tough love.

TravelPass, hotels spar over alleged antitrust conspiracy

Less than a month after the Federal Trade Commission decided that 1-800 Contacts had violated antitrust law by agreeing with rivals to limit keyword search advertising, an online travel company...

Consumer complaints about scams rain down on FTC after shutdown

Pent-up complaints by consumers who were scammed during the partial federal government stoppage flooded into the Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Sentinel Network, which was dark during the...

Neil Averitt commentary: Opioid cases will help broaden deception law

State and local governments are lining up to sue the makers of Oxycontin and other addictive drugs.  And there’s a side benefit to this. These cases not only address the opioid crisis, but they...

Chopra hopes to unleash FTC's investigative powers against Big Tech

T-Mobile price pledge not prompted by ‘negative review process’ on Sprint deal, CEO says