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‘Usual suspects’ kick off FTC hearings amid scrutiny

Even before the Federal Trade Commission launched its sweeping, ambitious hearings on competition and consumer protection in the 21st century, skeptics expressed some misgivings.

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State AG races are ‘where the action is’ this fall

As Election Day nears, the battle for control of Congress attracts the klieg lights, but at the state level, the races for attorneys general also are getting more play because of the power these...

Privacy issues fail to generate buzz on campaign trail

Privacy is talked about a lot on Capitol Hill, in state legislatures and other venues. But one place where the issue doesn’t come up often is on the campaign trail.

McCain was strong backer of FTC priorities while running Commerce panel

Although much of the press coverage surrounding the late Senator John McCain lauded his defense and foreign policy work, he was quite active in the consumer protection realm and the oversight of...

Ninth Circuit greets FTC with skepticism in $1.3 billion pay day loan case

In 2016, the Federal Trade Commission won a $1.3 billion fine against the payday lending operations of racecar driver Scott Tucker. It’s the agency’s largest ever litigated judgment.

Former FTC member Terrell McSweeny joins Covington

Former Federal Trade Commission member Terrell McSweeny has joined Covington, a firm she says is “a good fit for someone like me who has a lot of government experience.”

Neil Averitt commentary: A guide to navigating the association ecosystem

In a recent column we talked about the kinds of antitrust career advice that we all wish we had gotten when we were first starting out. Here we will elaborate on one aspect that is relevant to...

FTC opens hearings with aim to build 'new and improved consensus' on antitrust

Federal court decision halting Tronox-Cristal deal isn’t dispositive, lawyer tells FTC judge

FTC commissioners' 4-1 splits on remedies may herald future breaks