Non-compete rulemaking faces legal hurdles but could help Biden politically

The Federal Trade Commission’s rulemaking on non-compete agreements faces legal obstacles but could reap political and public policy benefits even if it’s struck down in court.

Neill Averitt

Chess cheating, defamation and the Twombly pleading standard

It’s an unusual legal story that involves international chess tournaments, the Twombly standard for pleading collusion, Arthur Schopenhauer, and radio-controlled vibrating sex devices — all at the same time. But this is such a story.

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Consumer advocates look to Chopra to champion their cause

These are difficult days for consumer advocates, who are quick to argue the agency they championed — the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau — has in the Trump administration become far less...

FTC’s Smith stands up for staff, defuses congressional critics

Andrew Smith had deftly completed his first congressional testimony as director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, deflecting criticism of the agency’s enforcement...

Kavanaugh sees limited role for independent agencies

If confirmed to a seat on the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh would likely use his position to try to limit the powers of agencies like the Federal Trade Commission.

FCC opposition to Sinclair-Tribune deal shows any merger can go off the rails

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai took many observers by surprise late last month when he announced he had “serious concerns” with the proposed Sinclair Broadcast Group-Tribune...

Grassley’s return to Finance panel would put Graham atop Senate Judiciary Committee

The chairmanship of the Senate Judiciary Committee could shift from a non-lawyer with some interest in antitrust issues to a former military judge who has been outspoken about the lack of...

'The future of our species is at stake,' Foer says in pushing for action against Big Tech

The Justice Department’s Great Hall spans two levels, an auditorium-sized space with art deco features and a terracotta-tiled floor with aluminum statues of Lady Justice and the Spirit of Law...