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New FTC team to face combustible issues from Equifax to Facebook probes

News that the Senate had confirmed five members of the Federal Trade Commission had been long expected, but it still brought much relief to the antitrust and consumer protection communities.

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Looking back, McSweeny offers advice to incoming FTC slate

During her four years at the Federal Trade Commission, Terrell McSweeny experienced the agency in a number of forms — starting with a full commission of five and ending with a year in which she and...

Don’t panic over claims of rising concentration, DOJ economists insist amid debate

As debate over reform of antitrust laws heats up, two senior Justice Department economists have taken issue with claims of increasing industry concentration, as outlined by the Obama...

Early college decisions probed to ensure fairness, Delrahim says

Competition for spots at prestigious colleges is fiercer than ever, and the Justice Department wants to see to it that the schools don’t take advantage of their position and hurt students.

FTC cautions about Sept. 11 victim fund scam, other charity fraudsters

Fraudulent telemarketers pretending to represent charities may try to pull on heart strings not only to scam people out of money but also to get their personal information, the Federal Trade...

Corporate monitors seen as bolstering DOJ antitrust compliance goals

Antitrust prosecutors at the Department of Justice want companies to increase their share of the burden in preventing and detecting criminal conduct.

Neil Averitt commentary: A chat with Kevin Arquit on antitrust whistling past the graveyard

There’s a growing concern that antitrust is no longer working for the benefit of large swaths of the public, and a political reckoning is about to come due. This is the fear of Kevin Arquit, an...

AAI, other advocacy groups critique DOJ consent decree plans

New administration, same T-Mobile-Sprint deal; different result?

DOJ floats possibility of divestiture remedy for AT&T-Time Warner deal