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FTC failed to enforce Facebook consent decree, critics charge amid firestorm

Top Federal Trade Commission officials boasted of their tough consent decree in 2011 that required Facebook to keep its promise to protect users’ information, but critics charge the agency failed to enforce the decree despite being warned years ago that the social network was violating it.

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McSweeny takes on DOJ’s Delrahim over patent hold-up

As she closes in on her final weeks as a member of the Federal Trade Commission, Terrell McSweeny apparently has decided to go out with a bang.

Declining budgets' effect on antitrust enforcement debated

A recently published analysis of yearly Hart-Scott-Rodino reports from 2010 through 2016 shows that while the US is experiencing a “merger wave,” enforcement has been stagnant, and funding for the...

Trump picks Slaughter for last FTC slot

President Donald Trump named the last of his appointees to the Federal Trade Commission when he picked Rebecca Slaughter, the chief counsel to Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, for the...

Melding antitrust law, evangelical views

A merger that results in higher prices is not just harmful to consumers, it violates the Bible’s admonition against stealing. And stealing interferes with someone’s ability to use their property to...

Hacked much? Stop using ‘123456’ and other weak passwords, agencies warn

In an era of pervasive cybersecurity hacks, it would seem safe to assume that most people know to avoid using easy-to-guess, insecure passwords. That would be an incorrect assumption.

Neil Averitt commentary: A seminar to help regulatory agencies keep from being gamed

Let us get organized and help the regulatory agencies become better at avoiding attempts to game their procedures.

Tech regulatory measures face uncertain fate on Capitol Hill

DOJ comes out swinging against AT&T-Time Warner arbitration offer

FTC’s sham petition loss to Shire tees up potential federal court troubles