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Simons dips into hostile waters with FTC merger remedies criticism

When asked to name the top three challenges facing the Federal Trade Commission, Joseph Simons pointed to the failure rate of the agency’s merger remedies. The nominee to be chairman said the rate “needs to be lowered substantially or zeroed out altogether.”

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DOJ, FTC may split over need to investigate high-tech players

As new leaders are poised to take seats on the Federal Trade Commission, and as Makan Delrahim settles in as the Justice Department’s antitrust chief, the two agencies may part company over the...

Feds beefing up efforts to nix job-poaching bans

In taking stronger actions against bans on job poaching and related practices, Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust Makan Delrahim will be building on state efforts.

Nobel laureate Roth kicks off DOJ antitrust lecture series

Antitrust enforcers often extol the importance of economics in making antitrust policy, so it’s not shocking that the Justice Department would create an endowed lectureship to link the two.

FTC’s prescription for contact lenses coming into focus

Contact lens prescribers have since 2004 been told to provide customers with a copy of their prescription, a boon for shoppers eager to compare prices. The Federal Trade Commission will next week...

Looking for love online? Watch your wallet, FTC warns

In the online world where true identities are easily masked, it’s no longer enough to watch for signs your newest match actually works at a video store and lives with his mother or keeps multiple...

Neil Averitt commentary: The Alien Planet of celebrity endorsers

Our earthling civilization is doomed, but this handy column will help you escape the catastrophe.

Senate panel advances FTC nominees

Supreme Court justices split on American Express anti-steering rules

Scholars urge FTC, app makers to do more on privacy protection

FTC candidate Wu calls for reinvigorated antitrust enforcement in tech, other sectors