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DOJ moving at 'full speed' while FTC stays in holding pattern

It didn’t take long for Makan Delrahim to make a first impression.

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Influential Timothy Muris has ties to key Trump antitrust players

Not long after Donald Trump was elected president, speculation in antitrust circles ramped up about whether hard-charging firebrands, eager to make waves and take on the establishment, would be put...

Yea or nay: Road to FTC top post isn’t always smooth

Confirmation votes for Federal Trade Commission nominees are rarely controversial, but the road to an agency seat has had some dramatic incidents.

No Rx for big drugmakers accused of fixing prices

The pharmaceutical industry is in hot water.

DirecTV to judge: FTC hasn’t proven deceptive ad suit

DirecTV is pressing a federal judge to find that the Federal Trade Commission hasn’t offered enough evidence at trial to prove that the satellite TV provider owes $4 billion in restitution over...

North Dakota health providers’ merger defense turns on insurer bargaining power

Two healthcare providers seeking to overcome a federal and state challenge to their proposed merger in the Bismarck, North Dakota, area have built their case on a simple idea: The deal will not tip...

Neil Averitt commentary: Sizing up Joe Simons’ management style

New management at an agency brings not only changes in substantive policy, but also changes in the style of personal interactions with both the staff and outside counsel. These stylistic changes...

Scholars clash over occupational licensing effects

Case against AT&T-Time Warner deal would hinge on Turner market power, DOJ’s actions suggest

Ohlhausen, McSweeny remain at odds over using antitrust to enforce net neutrality

House panel's lawmakers show largely partisan divisions on protecting consumer data