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Split over Walgreens-Rite Aid deal shows FTC vacancy struggles

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Democrats, centrists, comedian push for tougher merger review

Antitrust law, often the policy equivalent of a wallflower, is now the belle of the political ball.

GOP takes aim at Democrats’ push for antitrust overhaul

It’s easy to dismiss Democrats’ sweeping proposals to overhaul the antitrust laws as a political gambit by a party eager to latch on to the populist wave, but top Republican antitrust watchdogs are...

FTC seen by some as lacking muscle to properly punish Equifax

You might think consumer activists would be cheered by the Federal Trade Commission’s rare acknowledgement of an ongoing investigation — as occurred recently when a spokesman confirmed the agency...

Lawmakers, ex-FTC officials clash over agency changes

The incessant debate over revamping some of the Federal Trade Commission’s powers and administrative procedures caused clashes along party lines as three former heads of the agency’s Bureau of...

Kids shouldn't be fair game for online celebrity pitches, critics say

Josh Golin couldn’t believe it when he read the Federal Trade Commission’s updated guidelines that answer questions about how online celebrities should disclose ties to products they tout on social...

Pertschuk’s new book details fight of ‘the bumblebee’

Michael Pertschuk is back! The former chairman of the Federal Trade Commission was recently feted with a reception in Washington, DC, to celebrate the publication of When the Senate Worked for Us:...

Neil Averitt commentary: Antitrust and the art of governance

Whither the women? Not in the Trump administration

Courts could aid FTC in early stages of car dealer software case

Smarter Act stalled in Congress

Uncertainty over data ownership complicates privacy regulation for connected cars

FTC asks Ninth Circuit judges to fill ‘regulatory gap’ in rare en banc review