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McSweeny expresses concerns about future privacy enforcement

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Hoffman to take reins at Bureau of Competition

D. Bruce Hoffman brings vast experience challenging and defending mergers to his new job as acting director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Competition.

Ohlhausen touts successes amid waiting game

Let’s call the last six months a mixed bag for Maureen Ohlhausen of the Federal Trade Commission.

Democrats' 'Better Deal' sees road to power paved with stronger antitrust enforcement

When congressional Democratic leaders unveiled their economic agenda recently, it contained the usual crowd-pleasers: better education, lower prescription drug prices and tax incentives for...

FTC, DirecTV gear up for long haul as deceptive ad trial nears

It won’t rival the Federal Trade Commission’s largest-ever false advertising case, but nearly $4 billion could be at stake in a federal trial in Oakland, California, this month in which the FTC...

FDA, FTC take aim at abuse of restricted drug programs

Last year, generic drugmakers filed 150 complaints with the Food and Drug Administration that branded drug manufacturers were misusing the agency’s regulations to block them from offering cheaper...

Awaiting Eleventh Circuit ruling, LabMD’s Daugherty keeps sounding alarm on 'out-of-control' FTC

Michael Daugherty sounds cautiously optimistic as he awaits a decision by the US Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit in the bitter battle he is waging with the Federal Trade Commission over...

Neil Averitt commentary: Google search bias is a consumer protection issue

Missing Makan: Senate skips over DOJ antitrust nominee, though Republican backers urge confirmation

A 'bulldog' in court, Kempf has history of merger wins, spectacular losses