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Privacy Shield should be suspended, critics say

As the first annual review of the trans-Atlantic data transmission agreement called the EU-US Privacy Shield nears, critics say it should be suspended because the US government hasn’t done enough to protect European citizens’ data.

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Liberals make noise about Amazon-Whole Foods combination

Although shut out of the executive branch and key congressional spots, those on the left are trying to put pressure on the Federal Trade Commission to stop Amazon’s $13.7 billion purchase of Whole...

Democrats snub GOP online privacy measure

House Republicans hoping that Democrats would help them pass an online privacy measure have found no takers.

FTC urged to reopen Google probe after record EU fine

Not long after the European Commission slapped Google with the biggest antitrust fine it had ever levied — $2.72 billion — calls came for the Federal Trade Commission to reopen its investigation...

FTC, NHTSA steering self-driving car regulation

Self-driving vehicles may not be a widespread reality yet. But the Federal Trade Commission is laying the groundwork to ensure that privacy protections are in place.

Newspapers seek antitrust fix to negotiate with Google, Facebook over ad revenue

Business has gotten so rotten for newspapers that a prominent trade group is seeking an extraordinary remedy — exempting the industry from the reach of antitrust laws.

DirecTV-FTC case could pivot on Supreme Court ruling over ill-gotten gains

In June the Supreme Court unanimously rejected the Securities and Exchange Commission’s long-standing assertion that it has the power to reach back indefinitely when seeking to recover ill-gotten...

Neil Averitt commentary: Fear and loathing in the music business

Louisiana Real Estate Appraisers Board seeks stay in FTC case after state executive order

Waste Control Solutions and Chicago Sun-Times: A tale of two 'failing firms'

In a first, FTC appoints monitor in reverse-payment settlement with Endo