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Wright on Trump: Populist talk will have little impact on antitrust enforcement

Joshua Wright, who was an adviser to the Trump administration transition team, told a recent panel the president’s talk about populism won’t have much impact on antitrust enforcement.

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DOJ drops Amex case after protracted battle, 11 states pick up baton

After the Justice Department poured huge resources into opposing American Express for restricting merchants from steering consumers to less expensive credit cards, its decision against seeking...

Louisiana real estate appraisers board, FTC to spar over alleged fixed fees

Since Maureen Ohlhausen was named acting chairman of the Federal Trade Commission in January and Tad Lipsky became acting director of the Bureau of Competition, their message has been that the...

FTC's future take on consumer protection looks to the past

If New York Yankees legend Yogi Berra were describing the current consumer protection policies of the Federal Trade Commission, he might well state that it is “dйjа vu all over again.”

New privacy powers for FTC won’t necessarily come with new resources

When it comes to regulating privacy, the Federal Trade Commission may have to do more with less.

Trump, big media mergers, courts: Are all bets off?

President Donald Trump railed against media consolidation during his historic run to the White House last fall. But in the six months since the Republicans captured the presidency, the...

Neil Averitt commentary: Vizio case shows the hidden pitfalls of privacy, unfairness

The Federal Trade Commission is doing solid, necessary work in the privacy area, using its consumer “unfairness” authority to rein in companies that spy on people. Yet problems lurk beneath the...

Celebrities hyping products on social media often violate FTC rules, report says

FTC antitrust chief Lipsky to leave agency in weeks

Mylan settles with Apotex as Ranbaxy trial over alleged Provigil reverse payment gets under way