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New York hits TRUSTe with privacy fine; more states could up enforcement

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has made waves in the privacy world by charging that True Ultimate Standards Everywhere failed to do enough to prevent illegal tracking technology on some of its customers’ popular children’s websites.

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Pressure rising for Trump watchdogs to take aggressive action

When the University of Chicago — of all places — recently held a three-day conference devoted to whether the US has a “concentration problem,” it demands that you sit up and take notice.

Qualcomm tests FTC’s IP enforcement chops, bipartisanship

San Diego, California-based chipmaker Qualcomm is challenging the Federal Trade Commission’s ability to oversee patents, and the largely legal monopolies they confer on their owners.

‘Privacy cop’ fails to make splash at industry summit

The Trump administration’s slowness to fill top-tier posts is making it tougher for federal agencies to promote the president’s agenda. The Federal Trade Commission is no exception.

FTC to bloggers: Disclose paid Instagram posts

The Federal Trade Commission has already warned companies that they need to disclose if they’re paying people to promote their products. Now endorsers are coming under scrutiny.

Ex-FTC commissioner Brill to join Microsoft

After spending a year at Hogan Lovells, former Federal Trade Commission member Julie Brill is leaving to join Microsoft. She will lead the giant tech company’s privacy and regulatory affairs group.

Neil Averitt commentary: Anticompetitive state statutes and what to do about them

State legislation can be anticompetitive in stunning ways. We have all encountered monopoly services at airports or licensing rules for occupations that place no one at risk. So far, however, these...

DC Circuit affirms decision blocking Anthem-Cigna merger

Amex judge leans toward wait-and-see approach as suing merchants push to change theory

Albertsons, Whole Foods could be considered participants in separate markets