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Excessive state licensure: Perennial bugbear Ohlhausen hopes to squash

Federal Trade Commission chief Maureen Ohlhausen has kicked off an economic task force to advocate against — and she hopes, stifle — excessive state licensure, a perennial bugbear for economists and antitrust watchers who criticize it as a costly hurdle to growth. Often tackled, overbroad licensing hasn't yet fallen, though intensifying public interest could push her toward victory.

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Reflective Feinstein proud that staff is always ‘litigation ready'

Over the course of an hour-long interview that covered a slew of issues that have crossed her desk since she became director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Competition, Deborah...

Ohlhausen takes quest for permanent chair to conservative conference

Since Election Day put Republicans in the driver’s seat, acting Federal Trade Commission Chairman Maureen Ohlhausen seems to be working overtime to keep the job on a permanent basis.

Hesse joins Sullivan & Cromwell after saying merger benefit claims should be viewed skeptically

Renata Hesse, formerly the government’s top antitrust official who said in a major speech that claims of merger benefits should be viewed skeptically, has joined Sullivan & Cromwell as a partner,...

House going forward on limited repeal of health insurers’ antitrust exemption

While antitrust law does not often take center stage, it is playing a bit role in the debate over healthcare.

McSweeny advises on glitches, fixes of IoT devices

When the Federal Trade Commission’s Terrell McSweeny bought her parents some Internet-connected devices as a gift, there was just one problem: They didn’t want them.

Neil Averitt commentary: Give plutocrats a chance!

President Donald Trump has named a number of very rich people to his Cabinet.

Ex-FTC spokeswoman Claudia Bourne Farrell dies

Shift CFPB’s powers to FTC, think tank urges

FTC refusal to issue egg labeling rules was reasonable, Ninth Circuit says

Antitrust prosecutors take stand to defend evidence in foreclosure auction case