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Stopping fake news: The FTC’s jurisdiction is likely limited

Fake news is viewed as unfair and deceptive. But don’t look to the Federal Trade Commission to control its prevalence just yet.

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Pahl replaces Rich as guard changes at Bureau of Consumer Protection

As this issue of FTC:WATCH goes to press, Jessica Rich, who has devoted most of her career to a variety of top posts in the Bureau of Consumer Protection at the Federal Trade Commission, is leaving...

Top FTC jobs don’t often lead to other top government gigs

As President Donald Trump searches for a permanent chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, whomever he picks won’t necessarily go on to greater glory.

Gorsuch seen as balanced antitrust professor who didn’t preach

While US Circuit Judge Neil Gorsuch has strong views on antitrust policy, he didn’t use the classroom to impose them on his students.

FTC merger remedies study provokes plenty of debate

The Federal Trade Commission’s recent study evaluating merger remedies between 2006 and 2012 produced results that surely surprised no one, as the agency found that its approach works well in most...

Ramirez ends seven years at FTC with legacy on competition, consumer protection

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Neil Averitt commentary: Western Union case scores a hit on civil strategy, a miss on criminal deterrence

The Federal Trade Commission and the Justice Department have just wrapped up their successful efforts against Western Union for aiding and abetting fraud. These projects get a mixed report card. On...

Anthem hopes Trump's DOJ will help settle Cigna merger case

Judge says Anthem-Cigna merger could produce upset on scale of Cavs, Cubs, Patriots, Trump