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Ohlhausen has edgier tone as she takes FTC reins

Maureen Ohlhausen, known for her affability, collegiality and intellectual acuity during nearly five years as a member of the Federal Trade Commission, has changed her tone in the last few weeks.

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Lots of changes ahead at FTC regardless of Trump’s pick for chairman

As Maureen Ohlhausen settles into — as much as she can — her post as acting chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, much speculation continues about whether she will get the nod to lead the...

GOP hoping for new life for Smarter Act

The bill to align the merger review procedures of the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice — long a priority of some in the antitrust bar and their Republican allies on Capitol...

Consumer issues haven’t been key for low-key Latta, House panel’s new chair

Representative Bob Latta, a low-key lawmaker with extensive political experience but not much prior involvement in issues relating to the Federal Trade Commission, is now chairman of the House...

FTC pushes for more self-regulation of cross-device tracking

The Federal Trade Commission in a recent report reiterated its push for self-regulation in protecting privacy amid increased use of cross-device tracking, but didn’t call for additional rulemaking...

Veteran antitrust lawyers: New guidance on DOJ leniency program creates uncertainty

Even as a senior antitrust official in the Justice Department insists that recently issued guidance about the division’s leniency program breaks no new ground, a number of experienced antitrust...

Neil Averitt commentary: Amid DC’s tumult, Ohlhausen is a steadying force at FTC

Washington is in an uproar these days, but the Federal Trade Commission, most fortunately, is not. Commissioner Maureen Ohlhausen, currently serving as acting chairman, should be an amiable and...

FTC approved effective merger remedies in most cases, agency study says

Gorsuch, former antitrust litigator, picked for Supreme Court

Aetna-Humana deal’s rejection will force insurers to reconsider industry consolidation

Trump meetings with CEOs raise fear he intends to usurp DOJ, FTC authority in merger reviews