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FTC’s recent wins against hospital deals reflect strategy of ex-chairman

In racking up two appellate court wins in challenges to hospital mergers, the Federal Trade Commission has vindicated a strategy that was developed more than a decade ago by then Chairman Timothy J. Muris.

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Virginia hospital tie-up likely despite FTC opposition

The Federal Trade Commission’s recent winning streak in blocking hospital mergers may be halted in Virginia because of extenuating circumstances in an especially poor part of the state.

Trump’s stunning victory doesn't spell big changes in antitrust enforcement

After a volatile presidential campaign that even included talk of stepping up antitrust enforcement, competition lawyers are braced for a period of uncertainty, but also skeptical that their field...

Prominent antitrust lawyer Kenneth C. Anderson dies

Kenneth C. Anderson, an aggressive and sometimes profane litigator who was an integral player in the Justice Department’s landmark antitrust case against AT&T, has died. He was 80.

PAE report already having an impact, cited in Supreme Court laches case

Less than a month after the Federal Trade Commission issued its long-awaited study on patent-assertion entities, the report is already making an impact.

IoT industry calls for national standards, not regulations, to counter botnet hacks

The Mirai botnet struck again on Election Day.

Neil Averitt commentary: Paranoia as status symbol — the secrecy of law firm lobbies

Walls and barriers are going up everywhere, not just at the border.

FTC urges narrow regulations as FDA considers rules on medical device repairs

FTC could regain oversight over ISPs under Trump administration