From journalism to baseball, lawmakers take up antitrust exemptions

Media companies and their congressional allies have escalated efforts to obtain an exemption to antitrust laws to counter the alleged unfair practices by Big Tech companies. The legislative fight is shining light on the broader issue of antitrust...

Neill Averitt

FleetCor case maps out new routes for consumer protection

We have seen what lies ahead for consumer protection, and it looks a great deal like the FleetCor case.

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Clinton praises Obama’s executive order on competition, but its impact remains unclear

US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is promising to get tough on corporate consolidation, and she has been crediting President Barack Obama with getting the ball rolling with his...

Critics aren’t impressed with DOT’s push to boost airline industry competition

Ever since President Barack Obama issued an executive order in April directing agencies to identify ways to boost competition, skeptical antitrust experts have wondered what might come of it.

Scholars, activists join FTC in pressing Ninth Circuit for full review of AT&T case

In recent days, legal scholars, privacy lawyers and consumer activists have lined up with the Federal Trade Commission to urge the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit to rehear en banc a...

Restructured CFPB won’t necessarily strengthen the FTC

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau got its wings clipped by an appeals court panel, but that doesn’t mean the Federal Trade Commission is going to get some of its lost powers back.

Jin brings consumer protection savvy, online privacy focus to FTC’s Bureau of Economics top job

As the Federal Trade Commission oversees a regulatory landscape that has grown increasingly dynamic, complex and opaque due to digital technology, it will need fresh economic research on Big Data,...

Prolonged multi-jurisdictional reviews becoming a real pain for merging companies

Regulatory reviews of mergers and acquisitions are taking more time, costing more money and leading to a growing sense of frustration by companies and federal enforcement agencies alike, and that’s...