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Hillary Clinton talks up antitrust amid vitriolic presidential campaign

In a presidential campaign full of name-calling, acrimony, and turmoil, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton prompted some head-scratching when, in a major speech just five weeks before Election Day, she talked about antitrust, of all things.

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McSweeny positions herself for top agency spot

Terrell McSweeny isn’t on any ballots next month, but her campaign to persuade Hillary Clinton to name her chairwoman of the Federal Trade Commission has begun. It started with last week’s speech...

Ramirez provokes fierce debate over effectiveness of merger remedies

The debate over the effectiveness of merger remedies recently got hotter when Federal Trade Commission Chairwoman Edith Ramirez stoutly defended the government’s record in securing good results and...

FCC’s revised proposal to protect consumer privacy eases tensions with FTC

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler’s recently revised proposal to give consumers more say-so over how their information is used by Internet service providers may have helped...

Lawmakers may beef up student privacy protections

Congress may be gridlocked on broad data breach-privacy legislation, but there is a possibility that lawmakers could tackle the narrower topic of going further to protect children’s privacy.

Greenspan used antitrust essay to improve his romantic life

Alan Greenspan’s libertarian views on competition policy — including his advocacy of the repeal of most antitrust laws — never gained much traction. But they did help him woo his future wife.

Neil Averitt commentary: Exclusive dealing: Is there more to come from the FTC?

The torch of exclusive dealing enforcement has passed from the Department of Justice’s antitrust division to the Federal Trade Commission, and the question now is what the FTC intends to do with...

Google Image Search damages competition, Getty tells US Senate

Ohlhausen stresses limits of FTC's power to regulate drones

PAE business models have two types, FTC says in long-awaited study