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Hillary Clinton presidency would continue trend toward skeptical view of mergers

After a period in which billion-dollar deals were announced seemingly every week, antitrust lawyers are warning companies the window may be closing on new deals: If Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton wins the election in November, they say, stronger antitrust enforcement is likely.

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Ramirez versus Hesse: Two different outlooks on mergers

The top antitrust officials at the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission do not see eye to eye on whether the promised benefits of proposed mergers should be viewed skeptically.

Lawmakers raise myriad issues with FTC commissioners

Drug prices, resort fees, and the tepid rate of economic growth.

Ohlhausen backs China’s efforts to end anticompetitive subsidies, regulations

Federal Trade Commission member Maureen Ohlhausen has thrown support behind China's plan to rein in the country's patchwork of local subsidies and regulations that might be restraining competition.

Lawsuit shines light on Tesla’s efforts to break down barriers

Tesla’s drive to sell its cars without going through dealers is back in the news.

Novelli seen as natural fit for new privacy ombudsman role

Catherine Novelli was considered a natural fit when the US government needed an ombudsman to investigate Europeans’ complaints about privacy breaches under the Privacy Shield agreement, negotiators...

Neil Averitt commentary: This merger will affect innovation; now go prove it

More and more, mergers are likely to be challenged and defended on the basis of their effects on innovation, in addition to their traditional effects on price. This change in the litigation...

McSweeny and Ohlhausen pull curtain back on FTC workings

Third Circuit apprehensive about efficiency arguments in Penn State Hershey-PinnacleHealth decision

Key US senator says Yahoo breach may help move data breach notification measure

Ohlhausen says study shows FTC’s in-house court isn't pre-ordained to find liability