Non-compete rulemaking faces legal hurdles but could help Biden politically

The Federal Trade Commission’s rulemaking on non-compete agreements faces legal obstacles but could reap political and public policy benefits even if it’s struck down in court.

Neill Averitt

Chess cheating, defamation and the Twombly pleading standard

It’s an unusual legal story that involves international chess tournaments, the Twombly standard for pleading collusion, Arthur Schopenhauer, and radio-controlled vibrating sex devices — all at the same time. But this is such a story.

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Carolinas Healthcare System and DOJ duke it out over steering provisions

As the Justice Department and Carolinas Healthcare System duke it out over steering restrictions in the hospital system’s contracts with insurers that the government says prevent competition,...

Critics question antitrust agencies’ increasing reliance on monitors

When the Federal Trade Commission allowed pharmaceutical behemoth Teva to acquire Allergan’s generic business, conditioned on relinquishing 79 of its generic drugs — the largest drug divestiture in...

As LabMD pushes for a stay of data security order, FTC’s lawyers argue against it

Arguing that it is likely to win a reversal of the Federal Trade Commission’s decision that found its data security practices to be inadequate, defunct medical testing firm LabMD has moved for the...

FTC sues online journal publisher, alleges fraudulent practices

One of the guiding principles to advancement in academia is publish or perish. The Federal Trade Commission wants to be sure that scholars aren’t tricked into paying for the privilege and having...

Ramirez: FTC will push companies harder to test disclosure policies

The Federal Trade Commission will push companies to be more thorough in devising their privacy and other disclosure policies, FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez said Thursday.

Homes of Gilded Age monopolists a boon for modern-day tourism

Monopolies are generally believed to be bad for society. But some of them resulted in amazingly luxurious homes. These were great for the monopolists and their families and also created jobs for...