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Lawmakers to FTC: Probe Airbnb, other room rental sites

The Federal Trade Commission says it's dipping its foot into the sharing economy pool, but several Democratic senators want it to dive in.

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Approved: Dissecting the Teva-Allergan merger

The Federal Trade Commission was quick to highlight that it had required global pharmaceutical giant Teva to unload 79 generic drugs — the largest drug divestiture in one of its cases — before...

Fierce debate erupts in wake of FTC's LabMD ruling

Within an hour of the unanimous decision of the Federal Trade Commission to reverse an administrative law judge’s ruling that had dismissed the agency’s case against LabMD for its alleged lax data...

DOJ’s Tierney, 26-year veteran, among senior antitrust lawyers joining new offices

Conventional wisdom says that summer is often a slow news time and there isn’t much movement among senior partners at law firms.

Lawmakers with FTC oversight face easy November races

Most of the Federal Trade Commission’s congressional bosses aren’t going anywhere.

ECM seeks to overturn FTC decision on biodegradable plastics at Sixth Circuit

A lawyer for ECM BioFilms told an appeals court that a Federal Trade Commission decision related to biodegradability set a standard that is scientifically impossible to meet and likely to harm an...

Neil Averitt commentary: The Great Fembot Menace

Things are tough all around. Terrorists, the Zika virus, politicians on the make, and now this.

Clear, compelling tales prevail in merger lawsuits, lawyers say

Ascap, BMI go on the offensive challenging DOJ decision on consent decrees


FTC says 1-800 Contacts forced anticompetitive search agreements on rivals