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Representative Tom Marino talks antitrust policy, oversight

During his 18 months as chairman of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Regulatory Reform, Commercial and Antitrust Law, Representative Tom Marino has been active in examining healthcare mergers and legislation to more closely align the merger review procedures of the Federal Trade Commission and the Justice Department.

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LabMD owner blasts FTC for extending ruling on data breach case

It took just a matter of minutes for Michael J. Daugherty, the CEO of LabMD, to fire off a withering e-mail over an order by the three members of the Federal Trade Commission that gives them until...

Senate negotiators making progress on House-passed privacy measure

This week’s defeat of an amendment giving more surveillance powers to the FBI removes a key obstacle that had been preventing further consideration of a measure to update a 30-year-old electronic...

Antitrust lawyers puzzled over FTC’s losses in two hospital merger challenges

Antitrust lawyers are scratching their heads over a decision by an Illinois federal judge that found the Federal Trade Commission’s approach to defining geographic markets “flawed” in its effort to...

Game still on: Amazon and FTC at odds over kids in-app settlement

In the wake of a 2014 settlement with the Federal Trade Commission that required Apple to refund at least $32.5 million for in-app purchases made by children, CEO Tim Cook fumed to his workforce in...

Critics aren’t appeased by Baer’s defense for clearing American Airlines-US Airways merger

When Bill Baer recently spoke about his tenure atop the Justice Department’s antitrust division, he defended the government’s much-criticized decision to allow the merger between American Airlines...

Neil Averitt commentary: New research highlights nonprice competition theory

Nonprice competition is about to come of age as a freestanding antitrust theory, thanks to new empirical research that will make it easier to show how this competition is affected by changes in...

Committee markup of FTC bills postponed over gun control fight

Competition will thrive in solar industry, Ramirez vows

Ohlhausen adviser Davis heading to National Governors Association

Former FTC attorney Burstein jumps to Wilkinson Barker Knauer