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Having her say: A sit-down with Julie Brill

Federal Trade Commission member Julie Brill was especially upbeat and relaxed when she sat down for an interview with FTC:WATCH on March 24. The ebullient commissioner had announced her resignation two days earlier and is joining Hogan Lovells as a partner and co-director of its Privacy and Security Practice — a big change in her career after devoting 28 years to public service, including working for the state attorneys general in North Carolina and Vermont.

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Smooth sailing with a few rough waves for three-member commission

Julie Brill’s departure from the Federal Trade Commission means that for the first time in more than 21 years, the agency will operate with just three commissioners. Back then, in 1994, the...

High court nominee Garland has record of siding with agencies

Many people who sit on the bench pay lip service to the importance of judicial modesty. US Circuit Judge Merrick Garland, whom President Barack Obama has nominated to the Supreme Court, practices...

Three regulators vie for top billing in the privacy space

In recent weeks, the Federal Trade Commission, which has long seen itself as the premier privacy agency, has watched other regulators flex their muscles and increasingly claim some of that turf.

Senate panels to tackle Section 5 and merger reviews

The Federal Trade Commission’s policy statement on Section 5 of the FTC Act is getting its first check-up on Capitol Hill next Tuesday.­

Justice Department’s win in blocking a newspaper deal raises questions

The Justice Department’s recent victory in blocking Tribune Publishing’s acquisition of two Southern California newspapers has provoked some head scratching.

Neil Averitt commentary: Los Angeles Times case puts spotlight on DOJ policy

The Justice Department’s antitrust division is doing better on the subject of newspaper mergers than many critics believe. However, it still does not have a policy that fully recognizes the...

FTC chairwoman urges encryption for 'Internet of Things'

Judges doubtful of antitrust claims in state action challenge

Sullivan's criticism of FTC latest indicator of judge’s skepticism of government methods in trying cases

Former FTC Commissioner Rosch dies