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DOJ, FTC are more aggressive in reviewing deals — and taking longer

The Federal Trade Commission and the Justice Department have become increasingly aggressive in launching significant merger investigations and those probes are taking longer — an average of 9.6 months last year, a 35 percent jump from the 7.1 monthly average for the years 2011-2013.

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Scalia helped shape antitrust law during time on high court

For someone who once advocated for reducing the powers of the Federal Trade Commission and said at one time that antitrust law didn’t make any sense to him, the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin...

As Apple case heats up, McSweeny backs encryption to protect consumers’ data

Well before the battle between Apple and the FBI erupted over whether the company must help law enforcement unlock an iPhone with encrypted information, Federal Trade Commission member Terrell...

SMARTER Act may see progress this year

Congress often doesn’t do much during an election year, but a bill to more closely align the merger review procedures of the two antitrust agencies might be an exception.

Baer, Ramirez to discuss antitrust enforcement before Senate panel

The increase in merger activity in the last few years and Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act are among the topics likely to come up when the antitrust agency chiefs testify before the...

FTC has limited powers over campaign excesses

The Federal Trade Commission has much to say about how businesses act in many aspects of the economy, but not in the biennial dramas called elections.

Neil Averitt commentary: A tie that binds — casino operators and social conservatives

What do casino operators and conservative preachers have in common?

DOJ official says pursuing senior executives for cartel violations is a priority

Efficiency claims in mergers must be specific and fact-based to be persuasive, watchdogs warn

Staples’ divestiture to Essendant unlikely to change courtroom dynamics in FTC suit

Republican officials question role of DOJ, FTC in trade disputes

West Virginia bill that would help Cabell Huntington with FTC suit could get vote this week, co-sponsor says