Q&A: Getting candid with Noah Phillips

Federal Trade Commission member Noah Phillips spoke with FTCWatch reporters June 7 on a balcony outside his office overlooking 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. Inside his office, a picture hangs on the wall of conservatives’ bête noire, Louis...

Neill Averitt

What changes are coming with the merger guidelines?

The antitrust agencies are busy considering possible revisions to the horizontal merger guidelines. Recent speeches and writings by some key players give us hints of what the final product might look like.

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2015: An aggressive time for antitrust watchdogs

On the same day this month, two events made headlines in the world of antitrust: The Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit challenging Staple’s proposed acquisition of Office Depot, and General...

Hill to tackle range of personnel and policy questions next year

President Barack Obama’s decision to renominate Federal Trade Commission Chairwoman Edith Ramirez sets the stage for what should be an easy confirmation process. But the fate of other issues...

FTC’s enforcer role hangs in the balance of Safe Harbor talks

Even as European and US negotiators continue to work to craft a new agreement by next month’s deadline to govern the transfer of data from Europe to the United States, it is likely that whatever...

Ramirez: Agency is taking a cautious approach on sharing economy

Regulators are often eager to flex their muscles and add to the Federal Register.

Wyndham settlement: Big win for FTC, big loss for Wyndham

Sometimes when a hard-fought lawsuit ends in a settlement, it is difficult to believe that both sides really are as pleased as they profess to be. Such was the case recently when Wyndham Worldwide...

Merger spike causes FTC, DOJ to redouble efforts

As the economy improves and merger activity intensifies, the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission are redoubling their efforts to keep pace.