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After LabMD scores big victory, will the FTC appeal?

The recent emphatic ruling that dismissed the Federal Trade Commission’s data security case against LabMD, a medical testing company, leaves a number of questions for the agency, from whether to appeal the decision to what went wrong.

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Dialogue intensifies over the merits of mergers

The whirlwind of mergers that has put this year on pace to be a record-setter—with an explosion of mega-transactions that top $10 billion—has triggered a jump in academic writings that question the...

FTC or DOJ: Congress weighing which agency would enforce gag clause ban

Should the Federal Trade Commission or the Justice Department see to it that companies don’t force consumers to agree to not post negative product reviews?

DOJ honors Judge Diane Wood with Sherman Award

In the summer of 1974, a University of Texas law student working as a summer associate at the law firm Covington & Burling was assigned to a project on international antitrust. That project would...

Debate erupts over effectiveness of FTC in enforcing Safe Harbor agreement

As US and European negotiators work on hammering out a new deal to govern transatlantic data transfers, a debate has erupted over the Federal Trade Commission’s effectiveness in ensuring that...

Ramirez urges stronger privacy moves by FTC and businesses

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Neil Averitt commentary: The not-so-covert war on the FTC’s administrative process

In the past year or two you may have noticed an unusual number of challenges to the Federal Trade Commission’s system of administrative law. We are not talking about limited challenges to...

Market definition a key in DOJ suit against United-Delta Newark deal

An uptick in FTC interest over data brokers, lead generation