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FTC cracks down on false 'biodegradable' product claims

In a far-reaching decision, the Federal Trade Commission recently sent a message to companies that promote their plastic products as biodegradable: Don’t do it without scientific evidence to show that the products will completely decompose within five years — a very high hurdle.

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Regulating data security remains a balancing act for commissioners

The Federal Trade Commission’s approach to regulating how companies protect data remains a work in progress and can be hard to figure out.

FTC to study e-cigarettes with eye toward regulation

The Federal Trade Commission was aggressive on regulating cigarette advertising and may be preparing to follow suit on electronic cigarettes. The agency is making plans for extensive study of the...

Shimkus, Walden vying for Commerce panel head

The current Congress isn't even half over but there's one thing that's fairly certain about the next one, there will be a new chairman of the House committee that oversees the Federal Trade...

FTC sharply criticizes draft proposal on auto privacy and security

As lawmakers debate ways both to protect cars that use increasingly sophisticated data-collection technology from hackers and to boost privacy protections in the vehicles, the Federal Trade...

Ohlhausen to women lawyers: 'Don't hide your light under a bushel'

On a recent rainy October afternoon, Maureen Ohlhausen sat in the seventh-floor conference room of a downtown office building, surrounded by roughly two dozen women lawyers eating boxed lunches.

Neil Averitt commentary: Beer deal prompts fresh look at law on distributional restraints

Liquor-store shelves are beginning to groan under the weight of new craft beers. These beers have introduced Americans to unusual new flavorings such as extra malt, lemon, and peaches; and to...

Likely arguments of Walgreens, Rite Aid won't soothe critics